NBA 2K23 Gameplay Director Mike Wang talks The City & MyNBA upgrades

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We've been waiting at the edge of our seats for any news surrounding NBA 2K23 and now we've got some extra stuff to share.

Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K23, was quoted speaking on some upcoming changes to The City and MyNBA.

Let's take a look at those quotes and what they could mean.

Mike Wang comments on NBA 2K23

This weekend, the 2K23 House Of Greatness Event saw celebrities and players take a look at NBA 2K23. However, it was Mike Wangs comments that got our attention.

Via Paste Magazine, Wang spoke on the team working on The City and MyNBA and how it took feedback into account this year.

NBA 2K23
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UPCOMING CHANGES: Perhaps The City will look quite a bit different

Although we'll have to wait until August for the official reveals of anything regarding The City and MyNBA, he did reveal a few things.

Wang was quoted as saying:

"All I’ll say is the team is working on some really cool stuff. We took a lot of feedback from The City last year. We have a lot of things that people want to change or fix" He mentioned that the MyNBA team "did some stuff that I would never expect to see in a basketball game. I’ll leave it at that. Stuff that no other team is even trying."

These weren't the only comments that Wang had on NBA 2K23.

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Jordan Challenge returns in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K11, the Jordan Challenge took the game by storm and it will be returning in NBA 2K23 when the game launches in September.

As the Gameplay Director and a Chicago Bulls fan, Mike Wang was excited to talk about what the challenge will look like this year.

NBA 2K23
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GOAT: Ready to take the court as one of the best to ever do it?

Keeping players entertained seems to be the main goal for NBA 2K23 instead of letting them down with a copy-and-paste title. This is what Wang had to say about the NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Mode:

Wang said the team:

"brought back 10 of those challenges, adding five more—I think we went the extra mile with MJ this year to really let the GOAT shine."

Once the game is launched, or when we know what exactly these challenges will be, we'll keep you updated.

Gameplay Quotes from Mike Wang

We all want a glimpse at gameplay in NBA 2K23 but unfortunately not many have been able to play the game.


The good news is that we can rely on Gameplay Director Mike Wang to give us a bit of insight via Paste.

NBA 2K23
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ENHANCED REALISM: Perhaps speed blitzing is a thing of the past

In the quote Wang speaks on making the game more realistic, something the older games did well. This could be in line with many players saying that NBA 2K23 feels a bit "slower" on offense.

Here's exactly what Wang said via Paste:

"The biggest goals for the gameplay side was more authenticity. We wanted to make the game feel and look more like real life basketball; [we] kind of got away from that a little bit, some of the older games [...] That’s something we pride ourselves on. A big push for us was to make everything, all of the signature styles of players, make all the shots, all the moves feel way more authentic."

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