NBA 2K23 Brand Guide: How to level up Street, Solo Player, NBA & Every Brand Attribute in MyCAREER

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER is packed with different ways to play, and you'll need to increase your Brand Levels if you wanna score Endorsements.

We've got details on how to level up every single Brand Attribute in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER as you play.

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Brand Attribute Guide

Another year in The City brings the return of working on your MyPLAYER Brand, and there are several different paths to take in NBA 2K23.

If you're hoping to score the best possible Endorsements, then you'll need to upgrade your Brand Levels across multiple categories.

Fortunately, there's a clear path to improving each of the ten Brand Attributes in MyCAREER so you can chart your path to multi-talented success.

NBA 2K23 How to level up Brand Attribute Levels MyCAREER
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MULTI-TALENTED: Become a Jack of All Brands with your MyPLAYER

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If you're still early in your MyCAREER journey, we've got a full guide here on how you'll actually unlock access to Endorsements later in the game.

However, there may be some you see on the list that have Brand Level requirements your MyPLAYER hasn't met yet.

Without further ado, let's go over the methods of leveling up each Brand Attribute one by one.

How to level up Free Spirit

Kicking off with one of the easiest to improve in MyCAREER, you'll primarily improve your Free Spirit level with pre-game fashion walks.

Tons of clothing in MyCAREER that you can snag for varying prices or unlock in quests will give you Free Spirit boost if worn during your pre-game fashion walks.

Also, while this could be something patched out of the game later, as of now you can simply leave The Arena and re-enter to do another pre-game fashion walk rather than having to play the full game to do another.

How to level up Corporate

Equally simple compared to Free Spirit, Corporate levels are its counterpart and most clothing that gives a Brand Attribute boost feeds either Free Spirit or Corporate.

Much of the gear unlocked in the quests you'll complete while unlocking Endorsements will fit this, but there's plenty at the stores in The City.

Also, as mentioned above, you can repeat pre-game fashion walks by leaving and re-entering The Arena without actually playing your next game.

How to level up Fundamentals

The next two Brand Attributes you'll work on will go hand in hand with playing NBA games and knocking out a few recurring quests.

Under your Side Quests, you'll often find Scheduled Team Practice and possibly a Coach Graves Scenario Challenge to work on that boost Fundamentals, Team Oriented, and NBA levels when completed.

You'll also improve Fundamentals by playing well in NBA games and having a high Teammate Score, or doing daily quest Chris Brickley Drills.

How to level up Team Oriented

As mentioned above, knocking out certain Side Quests will boost your Team Oriented level as will playing NBA games and performing well.

You can also score points in interviews if answers have the blue Team Oriented icon, but many of these you'll want to lean on Flashy or Solo Player answers which don't have as many quests that contribute towards them.

How to level up Solo Player

As mentioned above, post-game interviews and dialogue choices throughout the game will sometimes give you answers with the red Solo Player icon that give you points when selected.

This one is also helped by playing well in NBA games, and cranking down your difficulty to ensure very high stat lines can help push this forward.

Solo Player may take you some time, as this can sometimes be one of the hardest to level up, but maxing it out is a requirement for the coveted Nike Endorsement.

How to level up Flashy

You'll get several chances to choose Flashy answers in dialogue through interviews and other interactions, but that's not the only way you can work on it.

Keep an eye on Daily and Weekly quests, as some such as the frequent Tina and Lance Tripod Challenge will give you Flashy points upon completion.

How to level up Street

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You'll mostly be working on Street levels in MyCAREER with daily and weekly quests, and there are a handful that'll help.

The Kenny Cruz Challenge, Devin Booker Challenge, and Streetball with KG quests all give you Street points when finished.

Make sure to check your quest journal each day and look for ones with Street points listed among the rewards.

How to level up NBA

Another challenging one to work on, you'll find NBA improves somewhat from playing games but that's far from your only path.

Watch for quests like the Weekly offerings Mila Garver Stat Challenge or Jake Duvall Stat Challenge, as these will boost NBA as well as other categories like Fundamentals or Flashy.

Also, try to progress far enough towards The Classic that you've unlocked Basketball Trivia, as these daily trivia questions can score you NBA levels too.

How to level up Fashion

Finally, our last two Brand Attributes are heavily linked to some of the core questlines in MyCAREER.

If you want to improve your Fashion levels, get cracking on Courting Calloway as that will improve Fashion and help you win the Fashion District in The City.

You'll also get Fashion points from Fashion Trivia quests that can appear daily or by completing Fashion Walks in The City.

How to level up Music

Last but not least, we have Music which most players will probably realize is heavily linked to the It's a Cole World quest line.

Working through that to win the Music District and meet J. Cole is a great way to work on your Music levels.

You can also do daily and weekly quests like Making Beats with Bas or Music Trivia which will help contribute towards those levels.

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