NBA 2K22 needs a Space Jam crossover like Fortnite

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NBA 2K22 is building anticipation for a release later this year with high hopes for news to break soon, but it looks like Fortnite is getting their own basketball addition.

Fornite is officially getting a LeBron James and Space Jam crossover, which is something we absolutely need to see when NBA 2K22 is finally released.

Fortnite gets Space Jam crossover with LeBron James

The news was broken earlier today that Fortnite is officially getting LeBron James with new skins and gear in the game.

NBA 2K22 Space Jam A New Legacy Fortnite The Game LeBron James
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KING JAMES: LeBron brings his Space Jam swag to Fortnite

The primary look is definitely inspired by his nickname "King James," but there's also plenty of nods to Space Jam as well.

One of the skins for the character is actually LeBron's Tune Squad uniform from Space Jam: A New Legacy, and it's not the first video game news for the movie.

Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game launched last month

Last month, it was announced that Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game wold be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on July 1, 2021.

This retro-inspired beat 'em up will then be free to play on the Microsoft Store as of July 15, just one day before Space Jam: A New Legacy premieres in theaters.

The creation of the game was actually thanks to fans, as Microsoft reached out to the community back in December to ask people to submit ideas for the game.

They ultimately combined the ideas of the youth-competition winner, Narayan from India, and the adult-competition winner, Ricky from the United States, to create this title.

NBA 2K22 needs their own Space Jam: A New Legacy content

Whether it's a tie-in with MyTEAM or something more in-depth, it would be a major missed opportunity if NBA 2K22 doesn't try to bring Space Jam: A New Legacy into their title somehow.

The movie is set to release on July 16, 2021, and a recent leak indicated we could get some major news about NBA 2K22 this week as well.


Back in April, the r/NBA2K account on Twitter spotlighted a few artists who had created some potential MyTEAM cards for a Space Jam tie-in.

Apparently someone got the memo, as there is a Space Jam themed season coming to MyTEAM later this week in NBA 2K21 that was just announced today.

It should be a fun temporary addition, but with NBA 2K21 definitely in the latest stages of its game lifespan, this isn't exactly enough.

If anything, dropping Space Jam content into NBA 2K21 this close to the likely release of NBA 2K22 feels more about the movie itself and less about making the game more fun for players.

NBA 2K22 should push even farther, doing an early MyTEAM crossover on top of bringing Space Jam and Tune Squad gear into The City or other game modes.

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