NBA 2K22 Brings Another New Shot Meter Update

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2K is back once again with a new NBA 2K22 shot meter just a year after introducing a new system in NBA 2K21 (one that had to be hotfixed right after launch to see it).

Here's what we know about the new NBA 2K22 shot meter so far, thanks to the new Courtside Report.


New NBA 2K22 Shot Meter Coming

2K seems to work a new shooting system out with each new game, and it's following suit with a new NBA 2K22 shot meter on the way.

NBA 2K22 kevin durant gameplay trailer
SIGNATURE: Shot IQ will separate the real scorers with the new NBA 2K22 shot meter

Last year the shot meter took on a new look (and enabled some tricky controls for those using thumbsticks to aim). This new look was too small for most, however, and a shot meter hotfix had to be employed on NBA 2K21 in early days.


While we don't know what the new NBA 2K22 shot meter looks like just yet - 2K have given us some details for it.

The new NBA 2K22 shot meter will focus around dynamic resizing based on the timing and quality of your shot selection. The shot meter will shrink heavily if putting up a bad shot - and Shot IQ will play a big roll in keeping this under control.

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First Impressions

We still don't have a visual reference for the new NBA 2K22 shot meter - but from its description so far, it sounds like it could be an exciting addition if done correctly.

NBA 2K22 Kobe Bryant gameplay
TENTATIVE: NBA 2K22 introduces a new shot meter one year after issues introducing the last

With the NBA 2K21 shot meter, players struggled to see tiny indicators, and another shot meter focused on making things smaller in a pinch could rehash these same problems.


If the sizing is reasonable, however, and indicators are clear visually, the new NBA 2K22 shot meter could really expand how offense is played.

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