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NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events: Mobil1 Grand Prix and Gold Rush set for this weekend

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More NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events have been revealed to kick off the first week of the Season. The good news is these Events give players of both generations to earn XP.

Two Events have been revealed so far and they'll be taking place over the weekend in The City and on the Cancha Del Mar.

Let's check out the new NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events.

NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events

In order to keep players entertained over the next six weeks. The NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events take place on both current gen and next gen platforms.

From the Mobli1 Grand Prix in The City to Gold Rush on Cancha Del Mar, players will have multiple ways to earn more XP and VC to improve on MyCAREER. MyCAREER isn't the only area receiving events though.

NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events
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NEW EVENTS: Hit the courts this weekend in NBA 2K22 Season 5

Last Season, we saw the Haywire Event for next gen systems, however, there wasn't much going on for current gen. This Season the Gold Rush on the Cancha Del Mar seeks to change that.

Let's take a look at a few of the rewards for the NBA 2K22 Season 5 Events.

Season 5 Event Rewards

Aside from the normal rewards such as VC and XP, there are items such as new music, new gear, and 2XP rewards.

During these NBA 2K22 Season 5 events you can also find themes in The City, such as The 90s. This is a 90s-themed competition featuring stylized courts and apparel.

NBA 2K22 Season 5 events
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NEW CLOTHING: Grab some new gear before the next events

Here's the upcoming schedule for the events in The City:

  • Club 2K - March 4 - 9:00pm to 12:00am
  • Adidas Basketball Open Run - March 5 - 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Club 2K - March 11 - 9:00pm to 12:00am
  • The 90s - March 12 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
  • The 90s - March 12 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  • The 90s - March 12 - 2:00am to 6:00am

To learn more about the latest clothing and gear in The City on NBA 2K22, follow this link.

Trouble with claiming rewards

Unfortunately, the NBA 2K22 Season 5 events have run into a bit of trouble claiming rewards on current gen systems during the Gold Rush event.

The NBA 2K Twitter account has announced that they're aware of the problem and actively trying to fix the rewards system. You can see their tweet below.

Hopefully, these issues will be fixed over the next few days since the weekend is coming up. Players should check each day to see if they've been awarded their rewards.

If we hear any news regarding the issue, we'll be sure to keep you updated on all the NBA 2K22 Season 5 events.

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