NBA 2K22 Ratings: Steph Curry still SNUBBED in last roster update

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If you haven't noticed yet, players got their NBA 2K22 ratings adjusted last week and certain players received a fairly large boost.

However, arguably the best player in the NBA currently, Stephen Curry, received no such boost to his NBA 2K22 ratings. We believe this is the largest oversight of the NBA 2K22 roster update.

Here's why Stephen Curry should've taken over the top spot in the NBA 2K22 ratings.

NBA 2K22 Ratings: Steph Curry SNUBBED

Out of all the adjustments that were made when the NBA 2K22 roster update dropped, we were most shocked by Steph Curry not being boosted.

Currently, he's rated 96 OVR, tied for first with LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant. However, the only player that averages more points per game is Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K22 ratings Steph Curry
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PINK DIAMOND CURRY: Check out Steph's Primetime Moments card

He reigns over the entire league in 3-pointers made this year, averaging 5.2 three-pointers per game. If there was a player deserving of a 97 OVR NBA 2K22 rating, it's Stephen Curry.

Other players deserving of a second look

Recently, Curry dropped a 50-point game and NBA 2K22 immediately added him to the Primetime Moments set as a Pink Diamond 95 OVR.

Steph Curry isn't the only player that was snubbed by the latest adjustment to the NBA 2K22 ratings, he's just the most notable one. We've got a list of players that deserve a second look.

NBA 2K22 Ratings Trae Young
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NO BOOST: Trae Young received no adjustment to his 89 OVR
  • Stephen Curry - 96 OVR +1
  • Anthony Davis - 93 OVR +1
  • Trae Young - 89 OVR +1
  • Chris Paul - 89 OVR +1
  • Jayson Tatum - 89 OVR +1

Now, some of these players did receive an adjustment to their NBA 2K22 ratings, but we believe the 2K Ratings team should take another look at them.

When's the next NBA 2K22 Roster Update?

For players hoping to get their ratings adjusted in NBA 2K22, they might have to wait a while before the next NBA 2K22 roster update.


The good news is we can predict the next roster update by using when the last one dropped. The most recent NBA 2K22 roster update was released on November 5th, 2021.

NBA 2K22 Ratings Roster Update
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NEXT UPDATE: We can expect the next ratings adjustment in early December

By using the last date as a guide, we anticipate that the next NBA 2K22 roster update will land on December 6th, 2021. We'll be sure to let you know of all the changes when the next one is released.

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