NBA 2K22 MyCAREER: How to complete the Put On a Unique Outfit quest in You Gotta Start Somewhere

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NBA 2K22 is full of action and rewards, it's also full of side quests that can become rather confusing when they aren't laid out specifically.

One of the more recent quests confusing players is the Fashion quest "You Gotta Start Somewhere" where you need to put on a "unique outfit".

Don't worry, we've got a guide for you to complete this odd quest with ease and get on to bigger and better things in The City.


How to complete "You Gotta Start Somewhere" in NBA 2K22

For starters, we should state that this particular quest is only available on next gen consoles through The City. We're sure there will be something similar on current gen soon.

For our next gen players the first thing you'll need to do is activate the "You Gotta Start Somewhere: See and Be Seen" quest under your Quests screen. If it isn't available, meet with Ricky to talk about increasing your fashion brand. Once you do that, the quest "Put On A Unique Outfit" will be active.

Which outfits are considered "unique"

This is something that we believe should've been better stated in NBA 2K22.

When navigating The City there are tons of stores to buy clothes from, but for this unique outfit, you'll need Affiliation clothing. Head to your Affiliation store and buy some gear, and you can go cheap if you're just wanting to get the quest done rather than try out the new drip.

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DECKED OUT: Rock all your Affiliation gear to complete this quest!

Once you equip your new Affiliation clothing (we suggest doing top, bottom, and head), and walk around The City for a while, the quest will be complete!


For completing the "Put On A Unique Outfit" quest you'll receive:

  • MVP Points
  • Fashion Points

You can also finally progress beyond this in your fashion brand storyline and continue your growth in The City.