NBA 2K22 brings back Park spirit with new 3v3 solos only game mode

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NBA 2K22 brings a ton of new things to the series, but one that may steal the show is a new online game mode that brings the spirit of The Park to a whole new level!

Here's what we know so far about what could soon shake up NBA 2K22 online play in The City and the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship.

NBA 2K22 introduces Solo Only 3v3 Game Mode

NBA 2K22 will add a ton of new depth to The City and online play within it, and one step in that direction has gone under the radar so far. That is the introduction of a new solos only 3v3 game mode.

NBA 2K21 neighborhood park 3v3
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ON YOUR OWN: This new solos only queue will keep out experienced premade teams

This brings players back to a true, authentic Park game experience, removing the pre-made parties bouncing from lobby to lobby or constricting the ability to hop onto the court in The Park by only playing with one another.

With matchmaking, players will be able to queue right into this new game mode and battle it out with other solo players online. With no premade teams comes more voice chat in-game, and a more even experience for all players.

While it's not yet confirmed if this mode will be next gen only in The City, it's looking likely based on the most recent Courtside Report.

New game mode could end up the most played

There's always tons of energy around The Park/The City in NBA 2K, and this will carry onto NBA 2K22 come launch day.

NBA 2K22 The City park court dunk
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GET UP: Rise to new heights in The City, fresh with its new expansion

But while the new features may in some ways remove some of that classic online experience, this new game mode in NBA 2K22 brings back the spirit of the blacktop.

Whether it's because your squad isn't online yet, or you're simply more of a solo player, this new game mode is the perfect fit and will undoubtedly be very active through the life of NBA 2K22.

In fact, even if used as a way to warm up for Pro-Am games, we expect this 3v3 solos game mode to be one of the most played in The City by its end!

Other changes coming to MyCAREER online play

Whether you're hopping into The City on next gen or The Neighborhood (the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship) on current gen, MyCAREER online play is getting tons of new additions with NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 The City buildings park courts billboard
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THE BRIGHT LIGHTS: The City is full of life and opportunity in NBA 2K22

This includes plenty of new locations, points of interest, npcs, and more expanded features for Affiliations which return once again this year.

The City will also feature new housing arrangements as your MyCAREER grows, side missions including bike races, and a ton of new locations and NPCs on top. Current gen players may get the short end of the stick here with less expansion, but the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship will also be a change of pace and offer a scenic spot to ball out.

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NBA 2K22 damian lillard dame time taunt animation
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IT'S TIME: NBA 2K22 is just days away, which means it's time to get pre orders in for free rewards

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