NBA 2K22's MyCareer on Next Gen will feel like an RPG

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We are one month away from NBA 2K22, and we are finally starting to get an understanding of what is arriving in this year's game.

The latest piece of news is around MyCareer, which will have an incredible experience on Next Gen consoles, thanks to full integration with The City.

Leak reveals all

The above video has come from 2K Japan's showcase, which featured Japanese cover star Rui Hachimura.

NBA 2K22 Executive Producer Erick Boenisch discusses gameplay and new additions to NBA 2K22 - and you can check out the entire stream here.

Offensive and defensive gameplay is now a lot more skill-based, making it "the most accessible and the most enjoyable" NBA 2K title so far.

Live The City

The most significant element of the reveal surrounds MyCareer, with the4 Next Gen version set to be fully integrated with The City - making it feel like a RPG, similar to one seen in the Grand Theft Auto series.


MyCareer will no longer feel like a movie - with your player running around The City talking to coaches and agents.

There's also plenty to shout about for Current Gen players as well, with Boenisch suggesting that two versions of the game will feel very different, and whichever platform you pick, you will receive a "brand new experience".

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