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NBA 2K22 Limited: Season 8 Week 2 Rules & Rewards

Season 8 is bringing another NBA 2K22 Limited weekend. This time you can actually use some of the best cards in your lineup.

We're going to take a look at the rules and requirements for this weekend, along with the rewards available.

Let's check out Limited for Week 2 of Season 8 in NBA 2K22.

Week 2 of NBA 2K22 Limited

As we continue to mow through Season 8, the NBA 2K22 Limited Weekend will give players a chance at another Championship Ring.

Remember, earning a ring will give you the chance to grab a MyTEAM Limited Option Pack. You'll need to collect all six rings to do so.

NBA 2K22 Limited Week 2
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MYSTERY INVINCIBLE: Tailor your lineup and take the court today

The requirements in Week 2 of NBA 2K22 Limited are much better than they have been previously, however, you'll need players from only one franchise.

Check out the rules below:

  • 13 players from the same franchise
  • Up to 1 Dark Matter, 1 Opal, 1 PD, 1 Diamond & 1 Amethyst
  • Remaining players must be Ruby or lower
  • No Free Agents or Heat Checks

Remember, when building your lineup you can always sort by team which should make it easier to find 13 players from the same franchise.

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Rewards for Week 2 of Limited

We all know that six Championship Rings are required to earn the top reward from NBA 2K22 Limited. Still, there are a few others that are pretty great.

For starters, you could earn yourself an End Game Giannis & Yao Pack that was just revealed today. Along with that, Shoe Boosts and Tokens are up for grabs.

NBA 2K22 Limited Week 2
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LAST WEEK: The Limited Event last week only allowed a single Diamond card

There are tons of NBA 2K22 Limited rewards for Week 2, each of which you'll earn on your way to grabbing that Championship Ring.

Here are the rewards available this week:

  • Shoe Boosts
  • 50 Tokens
  • End Game Packs
  • Diamond Contracts
  • Hall of Fame Badge Pack
  • 100 Tokens
  • Championship Ring

With all these rewards up for grabs, it's at least worth a shot to get a team ready. Need some packs for NBA 2K22 Limited? Let's take a look at which ones to target.

Champion Warriors Equal Chance Token Pack

This could be the best way to add one of the top cards in all of MyTEAM to your NBA 2K22 Limited squad.

You'll have to build a Warriors theme team, but you can use 200 tokens to grab yourself a Champion Warriors Equal Chance Token Pack.

NBA 2k22 Limited Week 2
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DM CURRY: Imagine having Stephen Curry in your Limited lineup

These limited-time cards will easily jump your NBA 2K22 Limited lineup ahead a few tiers. The top three cards alone are perfect for the Dark Matter slot.

Within these packs you can pull a guaranteed:

  • Dark Matter Andre Iguodala
  • Dark Matter Draymond Green
  • Dark Matter Stephen Curry
  • Galaxy Opal Klay Thompson
  • Pink Diamond Andrew Wiggins
  • Pink Diamond Gary Payton II
  • Pink Diamond Jonathan Kuminga

If you're looking for other ways to spend your tokens in MyTEAM, head here.

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