NBA 2K22: Cancha Del Mar Elevator issues - Error messages, server problems & more

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NBA 2K22 has had plenty of updates since its launch to fix issues, but one has been a consistent problem for current gen players is the elevators of the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship.

One of the glaring issues with these elevators is that players are unable to access different floors on Cancha Del Mar due to freezing during travel, as well as server crashes.

So, what's causing this issue, and is there a way around it? We've got everything you need to know!


NBA 2K22 Elevator Bug & Server Crash

This has been a glaring issue lately that has yet to be addressed by NBA 2K22 and current gen players are getting frustrated.

It seems as if when you go to access the elevator and change levels, you'll either receive an "Unable to connect to server" or be kicked from the mode entirely.

The elevators in NBA 2K22
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NO ACCESS: Players have been unable to change levels in NBA 2K22

Considering we recently received a patch update, detailed here, we figured we'd at least hear something about this issue.

However, the recent patch really only brought updates to The City, yet again, leaving current-gen players behind.


The cause behind the elevator bug?

A focal point this year for the 2K team was supposed to be server issues, it seems as if that's only applying to next gen systems at the moment.

We've already seen updates to The City, but what about Cancha Del Mar? Players on PS4 and Xbox One are joining up to let the 2K team know exactly how they feel.

The NBA 2K22 servers need work on current and next gen systems, but this elevator bug makes the game nearly unplayable.

Hopefully, we find out there will be a patch update in the near future specifically for current gen players on Cancha Del Mar.


NBA 2K22 Elevator Fix

Right now there has been no word from 2K about a fix coming to the elevators in NBA 2K22. However, some players have found a workaround that could fix the problem.

We want to reiterate that these options might not fix the elevator in NBA 2K22, but it doesn't hurt to try. These are all suggestions from the NBA 2K22 community.

The elevators in NBA 2K22
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GOING UP? Perhaps these options will help you access other floors in NBA 2K22

Here are some of the ways you can try to access other floors on the Cancha Del Mar:

  • Head to the shopping center, use the doors at the end, and spam A / X
  • Use the Gatorade Facility Elevator
  • Join through a friends game who can access the elevators

We'll be sure to keep you updated if an official fix or patch becomes available for this problem!