NBA 2K22 unveils four covers with five athletes

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The cover for NBA 2K22 has been announced and the great news is it's not just one cover! NBA 2K22 delivered not just one but FOUR covers this year!

Each of these covers corresponds to a particular edition of the game, so your game will have a different look depending on which version you purchase.

We nearly predicted the cover art here, but we could've never guessed NBA 2K22 would have four total covers.

NBA 2K22 Standard Edition: Who made the cut?

Fans of Luka Magic will rejoice when they see their favorite player is the star of the Standard Edition cover of NBA 2K22.

Dallas Maverick star, Luka Doncic, is the Standard Edition cover athlete for NBA 2K22
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MAGIC MAVERICK: The Standard Edition cover of NBA 2K22

Fans speculated Luka Doncic would make the cover this year due to his amazing season and marketability.

The great news is Doncic is known worldwide, bringing in even more players to the 2K sports community.

75th Anniversary Edition: 3 stars grace the cover

For the 75th Anniversary of the NBA, 2K made sure to use three-generational stars to grace the NBA 2K22 cover.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant are the face of the 75th Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K22.
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LEGENDS: 3 stars are the face of the 75th Anniversary Edition

A talented trio of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant represents the 75th Anniversary Edition.


Before the cover was revealed, Dirk Nowitzki was one of the favorites expected to be the next cover athlete.

The surprise of these three stars was something nobody saw coming.

Cross-Gen Digital Bundle: Luka's Back!

NBA 2K22 decided to double down on Luka Doncic by using a completely different Luka cover on the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle.

The cross gen cover of NBA 2K22 displays Luka Doncic in Mavericks blue uniform.
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EVERYWHERE: Fans can't get enough of Lucky Luka

This cover has two completely different images than the Standard Edition cover. On the Cross Gen Bundle, Doncic is wearing the Dallas Mavericks blue uniforms instead of the white.

It's also in an artistic, somewhat watercolor style instead of photo-realistic like the Standard Edition.

If you were hoping to get an early jump on NBA 2K22 with a demo, we've got the latest here and it might not be what you wanted to hear.

WNBA 25th Anniversary: A historical moment


NBA 2K22 is all about inclusion and for the first time in history, a woman is on the cover of NBA 2K.

Candace Parker of the Chicago Sky is the first female to ever be featured on the cover and the timing couldn't be better.

Candace Parker of the Chicago Sky is the cover athlete for the WNBA Edition.
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GROUNDBREAKING: Candace Parker, first woman on an NBA 2K cover

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the WNBA, so it's a great time for NBA 2K to make history.

Parker grew up playing video games and now for the first time in history, she's on the cover of one of the most popular gaming franchises in history.

It was also announced that a cover will be released in Japan with Washington Wizards player Rui Hachimura, who was the first Japanese player to be drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft back in 2019 and became the first Japanese player to reach the NBA Playoffs, but we don't have cover art yet for that version.

NBA 2K22 is available to pre order now, and you can find details here on how to snag the WNBA Edition or whichever one you need for the platform of your choice!