NBA 2K21: Update #3 Finally Solves Park Dribble Moves

NBA 2K21's newest patch, Update #3, finally makes an adjustment to park dribble moves that will improve quality of life for all players in The Park.

While this isn't the only important change in the patch, this could very well be the most apparent to players who hit the game mode, whether they use Park Dribble Moves or not.

Let's dive into the details.

NBA 2K21 Update #3

The newest NBA 2K21 patch touches on pull-up jumpers, screen motion, combating modded controllers, and MyTEAM improvements.

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But more importantly for most players, Update #3 makes a great change for park dribble moves.

Park Dribble Moves in Update #3

Both players that use and defend dribble-heavy builds in The Park have had issues with park dribble moves since NBA 2K21 release.

NBA 2K21 park dribble moves
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THE AXE: NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang's poll pointed to removing these moves

For dribblers, park dribble moves were commonly activated accidentally which would kill any spacing and momentum.

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For defenders, park dribble moves were a frustrating inclusion that players had access to for simply grinding rep in The Park.

NBA 2K21 Park Dribble Moves Handles
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PROVING GROUNDS: The Park is where the strong survive

Update 1.03 finally moved park dribble moves to a less invasive control setup, requiring L3. But with NBA 2K21 Update #3, a new change to park dribble moves could be just as important.

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To access park dribble moves, players will now have to have the Hall of Fame level Tight Handles badge.

Dribbling in The Park

With ball handling being the key to most guard gameplay, it could very well be the most common weapon for MyPLAYER builds.

nba 2k21 dribbling
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SIZE UP: Dribbling remains the most important skill in NBA 2K21 for many MyPLAYER builds

By moving park dribble moves from an automatic unlock at certain rep levels in The Park to a badge requirement. This will help reduce the sheer number of players with access to them.

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This will also tax dribbling builds for their Playmaking badge slots, which can help reduce the sheer power of the most common playstyle in The Park.

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