31 Oct 2020 6:55 PM +00:00

NBA 2K21: New Possessed Promo heading to MyTEAM - Vince Carter, New Cards, Upgrades & more

It's spooky season in NBA 2K21, and now fans have a new promo to get excited for.

Possessed is coming to MyTEAM soon, but what exactly is it? And what can fans expect to see.

Here is what we know.

NBA 2K21 Possessed

It's a brand new promo that's heading to MyTEAM in the near future, with 2K Sports dropping a teaser over on the MyTEAM Twitter account earlier today.

MyTEAM Possessed
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The cards will be heading to the game courtesy of a new set of packs, with fans left guessing at the identity of the mystery silhouette that has appeared on the card in the promo.


What can we expect?

It's a brand new promo within the MyTEAM mode, but what can we expect.

Well, for sure we can expect some scary upgrades. We would assume that there will be a Pink Diamond player to lead the way, with a couple of Diamonds and a host of Amethysts to follow suit.

The packs should remain in-game for a week or two, with the potential for a Possessed reward to head to Limited or Unlimited in the near future.


The initial thought was that it could be the late Kobe Bryant, but NBA 2K21 soon put that to bed!

It was later confirmed that Vince Carter was the man behind the shadow, with the NBA legend receiving a Pink Diamond card in the new promo.

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VINSANITY! Vince Carter is back!

Vince and the rest of the Possessed squad are available in NBA 2K21 NOW!

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