30 Oct 2020 5:49 PM +00:00

NBA 2K21 Limited: Season 2 Week 3 Limitations Set - Requirements, Rewards, Community Picks & more

Ready for the third instalment of Season's 2 MyTEAM Limited?

Here is what you need to know.



The theme this week is Community Picks!

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All throughout the week, the team at 2K Sports have been asking the NBA 2K community to pick their favourite players in each position.

2K Community Picks
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Well let's hope you chose well, as for this weeks instalment of Limited, you will ONLY be able to you the players that you as a community have chosen.



As always, there are a whole range of rewards available in the Limited mode.

Of course, the main goal is to pick up those Championship Rings, but this weekend also sees a range of Halloween Reward Cards available.

Halloween Reward Cards
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There will be a Ruby version of 'Scary Terry' (Terry Rozier III) available, whilst there is also the chance to unlock a Pink Diamond version of Sacramento Kings legend Otis Birdsong. Not bad!

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