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NBA 2K21: James Harden Brooklyn Nets Simulation - Does Brooklyn Win an NBA Championship?

James Harden has finally forced a trade to his preferred destination - the Brooklyn Nets. How does this trade work out for James Harden and the Nets in NBA 2K21?

James Harden Brooklyn Nets NBA 2K21 Sim

James Harden has landed in Brooklyn as part of a massive four-team trade deal which involves Victor Oladipo, Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Dante Exum and more.

NBA 2K21 James Harden Brooklyn Nets Roster MyLEAGUE
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THE LINEUP: The new Brooklyn Nets lineup is going to be dangerous in NBA 2K21

We've simulated the James Harden Nets four-way trade through the 2021 NBA Season in NBA 2K21 MyLEAGUE! So how does the new super team in the East fare?

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Does Harden bring home an MVP award? Can Brooklyn capture an NBA Championship?

Here's the results.

Regular Season

In our NBA 2K21 James Harden Brooklyn Nets simulation - the Nets end up with a 58-24 record in the 2021 NBA Season.

NBA 2K21 James Harden Nets Simulation
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NO FIRST TEAMER?: The Nets end up with all snubs for the All-NBA First Team

The Brooklyn Nets also surprisingly capture none of the All-NBA First Team spots.

This is a very weak finish for a team stacked with 3 superstars, but speaks to the lineup's positional woes.

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After a weak regular season, though, can the Nets pull off a deep Playoffs run with James Harden in NBA 2K21?


The Playoffs are the real test for this Brooklyn Nets lineup in NBA 2K21 - but it turns out James Harden is less impactful than we might expect.

NBA 2K21 James Harden Brooklyn Nets Simulation Playoffs
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CLOSE CUT: NBA 2K21 seems to think James Harden will just barely push the Nets past the Atlanta Hawks

After a rocky first round where the Nets escape the Hawks 4-3, can they take on the Milwaukee Bucks?

NBA 2K21 James Harden Nets Simulation Playoffs Elimination
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EARLY EXIT: According to NBA 2K21 - the new Nets lineup is due for an early exit in the NBA Playoffs

Miraculously a team with 3 league-leading scoring superstars fall short in the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs according to NBA 2K21.

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Giannis and the rest of the Bucks put down Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving in short order, 4-2.


While NBA 2K21 doesn't promise much for the new Brooklyn Nets lineup in our MyLEAGUE simulation, how does Harden do with his new team on the statlines?

James Harden NBA 2K21 Stats
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DROPOFF: Harden faces a stats dropoff in NBA 2K21 in his first season in Brooklyn

Harden hits a significant drop in his production as a part of the Nets, though he does become more efficient with more elite scorers surrounding him.


In the end, NBA 2K21 has dim forecasts for the Brooklyn Nets even with James Harden joining the team.

This is likely because of the team's lack of positional diversity, and trading away key bench pieces and role players to make this deal happen.

Because Brooklyn has given up a massive amount of draft picks and pick swaps to pick up Harden, the organization better hope this move works out better outside of NBA 2K21.

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