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NBA 2K20: Top five San Antonio Spurs players to buy on MyTEAM - Duncan, Robinson, Bowen & more

The San Antonio Spurs have been one of the most successful sides in the 2000s.

Between the 1999-2000 season and the 2016-17 season, the Spurs won a 50 or more regular-season games each year, setting an NBA record for consecutive 50+ win seasons. They also picked up all five of their NBA titles since the turn of the millennium.

Their head coach, Gregg Popovich, has overseen all of that success, having been in charge of the Spurs since 1996. He is the longest-serving head coach in the NBA currently.

In fact, four of the five players in this list played under Popovich’s leadership, with ‘Coach Pop’ regarded as one of the greatest coaches to ever work in the NBA.

Here are the top five San Antonio Spurs players who you can go out and buy in 2K today!

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‘12 Tim Duncan (OVR 97)

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Card type: Prime


Position: C / PF

Best stats: 98 interior defending, 98 strength, 98 defensive rebound

Cost: 325k

Where better place to start then with the man who many believe to be the greatest Spurs player ever, Tim Duncan.

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Although loyalty may be rare nowadays, Duncan was a definite exception to that rule. Duncan spent his full 19-year playing career in San Antonio, winning five NBA titles, three finals MVP awards and two NBA MVP awards. You would be hard-pressed to find many better centers to take to an NBA court.

Given his illustrious career, it is no surprise to see ‘The Big Fundamental’ awarded one of the highest-rated cards in the game, a massive 97 overall. Duncan has a 90+ overall in four of the six main attributes (91 outside scoring, 91 athleticism, 95 inside scoring and 98 rebounding). However, at upwards of 300k, he doesn’t come cheap.

‘98 David Robinson (OVR 92)

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Card type: Prime VIPPosition: C / PFBest stats: 96 shot IQ, 96 reaction time, 95 hustleCost: 29k


Another San Antonio legend in this top five and yet another big man in the form of David Robinson.

‘The General’ made up one half of the ‘Twin Towers’ partnership with Duncan, with the two dominating the frontcourt for the Spurs for a six-year period between 1997 and 2003, winning two NBA titles in that time (1999 and 2003).

Like Duncan, Robinson spent his entire career with the Spurs and had his jersey number (50) retired in his honour at the end of his playing days.

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Robinson and Duncan had similar playing styles and you could use this card as a cheaper alternative to Duncans 97 rated card or alternatively, drop Robinson back to the power forward role and reignite the Twin Towers partnership on the 2K court!

‘09 Bruce Bowen (OVR 92)

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Card type: Prime VIPPosition: SF / SGBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency, 98 handsCost: 16k


Next in the top five list is small forward Bruce Bowen.

Bowen made over 600 appearances for the Spurs during his nine years in San Antonio and was quite literally the first name on the teamsheet having started every game in which he appeared for the Spurs. ‘The Rash’ was known for his lockdown defense on the edge of the D.

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Is it that perimeter defense (94) and it’s affiliated stats (95 pic & roll defense IQ, 95 help defense IQ, 94 lateral quickness and 92 reaction time) which stand out in Bowen's in-game stats.

For 16k he’s a nifty player to have for those who struggle to get stops from beyond the arc.

‘82 James Silas (OVR 92)

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Card type: LegacyPosition: SG / PGBest stats: 98 stamina, 95 offensive consistency, 94 driving layupCost: 7.8k


A real OG San Antonio man comes next, with the inclusion of shooting guard James Silas.

Silas started his career with the Dallas Chaparrals before they relocated and became the San Antonio Spurs in 1973. A two time ABA All-Star, Silas became the first-ever Spurs player to have his number (13) at the end of his playing days.

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Silas was a shooting guard by trade, but he had no issues playing as a point guard. His 91 rated speed and his 91 rated acceleration make him the perfect man to advance the ball up the court quickly. 98 rated stamina means he can continue those fast breaks deep into the fourth.

‘14 Tiago Splitter (OVR 89)

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Card type: Prime VIPPosition: C / PFBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 95 hustle, 91 offensive reboundCost: 1.5k


For the final name in the top five Spurs list, it’s a trip back to the big men with Brazilian Tiago Splitter.

Splitter was selected by the Spurs as the 28th overall pick in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft having played European basketball up until then. Part of the last Spurs side to win the NBA title back in 2014, Splitter was known for his dominance in the paint, ending his career with an average of five rebounds per game.

It was his rebounding on the offensive board (91 OVR) that was the key to helping his side pick up those second-chance points, whilst his 95 rated hustle meant that he was a difficult man to beat when he had the ball in his sight. For 1.5k he is an ideal center to have in your interchange.

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It has always been easier to play good offense in NBA 2K than playing quality defense. On offense, you dictate the tempo of the game by harnessing your creativity and making the first move, but on defense every movement is made in reaction to the opposing team.

You can never fall asleep during a possession – you need to be on the prowl at all times, maintaining the intensity of a professional defense. If you struggle on the defensive end in NBA 2K20, read about being an elite defender here.