NBA 2K20 ratings update: Trae Young, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander get improved while Paul George decreases

The All-Star break is approaching and players are impressing, who did enough for a ratings update?

by Remy Cabache

The NBA season is just about at its half way point, with most teams having played around 40 games and the All-Star break just around the corner.

That means it has been months since NBA 2K20 first came out, and in that time every player has had a chance to prove the ratings makers right or wrong.

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As a result, at this point in the year it only seems right that some players’ ratings are changed, and that is exactly what has happened as six guys have seen a ratings boost or drop in the latest ratings update.

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks


Old rating: 89

New rating: 90

Ice Trae may be stuck on the worst team in the NBA, but he is having a career year and should be a shoo-in for the All-Star game.

Rightfully, then, the NBA 2K ratings czars have taken notice and given him a boost into the 90-club.

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The point guard is averaging 28.9 points per game (PPG), 8.4 assists per game (APG), and 4.5 rebounds per game (RPG). As a result, this season he has seen a rise from 85 launch ratings up to his current 90.  

Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets


Old rating: 89

New rating: 90

For Jokic, his jump of one overall to 90 OVR is a return to his launch ratings.

While the Nuggets were hot, Jokic got off to a slow start and slid down many people’s rankings of NBA players for the 2019 season, but he has turned his season around to join the top echelon of players by certain metrics.

He is averaging 19.3 PPG, 9.9 RPG and 6.4 APG, just shy of his career best numbers from a year ago.

Paul George, LA Clippers


Old rating: 93

New rating: 91

George started the season injured and when he returned to the lineup he lit up games he played in. With ‘new shoulders’ he looked fresh and made the Clippers as terrifying to face as we thought he would.

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However, George has missed the last few games through injury. His play hasn’t been at the level it was last year, but it is right about where he has been for much of his career. So, as they say, availability is the best ability, so he’s seen a two OVR drop.  

Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder


Old rating: 86

New rating: 87

After the Rockets and Thunder trade this offseason, it was uncertain if Paul would be able to fill the shoes even slightly of Russell Westbrook, but at this point he has helped transform the team.

The Thunder are in strong contention for the playoffs and Paul is having a resurgence. The point guard is averaging 16.5 PPG, 5.1 RPG and 6.4 APG as he leads the Thunder to relevancy.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City Thunder


Old rating: 81

New rating: 83

Alongside Paul in the backcourt is Gilgeous-Alexander, who in Westbrook’s absence has taken huge strides this season.

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Gilgeous-Alexander is not only starting to steal the spotlight in OKC, he is making history in a huge breakout season. Most recently he became the youngest player ever with a 20-rebound triple double.

That alone should justify his ratings boost of two OVR.

Lonzo Ball, New Orleans Pelicans


Old rating: 77

New rating:  79

With his brothers travelling the world, his father not being in the headlines, and him having being traded away from the Lakers, Ball is starting to flourish on a young Pelicans team.

He consistently shows elite floor vision and recently strung together four consecutive games of 20+ points, something he’d never done before.

If he continues on that trend he’ll do a lot to shake the ‘bust’ label he has been given.

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Remy Cabache

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