NBA 2K20: How to unlock Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant

Following on from last week - when NBA 2K dropped a Pink Diamond version of Kobe Bryant into the game via a free-to-enter Locker Code - there is now an even better version of Kobe which you can and earn.

The late Los Angeles Lakers star has had a Galaxy Opal card - the highest card available in the game - added into NBA 2K20 and you can go out and unlock this card for free!

It’s going to take some hard work, but if you’re willing to put in the hours then you’re going to get a crazy good card out of it.


How to unlock Galaxy Opal Kobe

NBA 2K20’s official MyTEAM account announced the card in a tweet.

The new Galaxy Opal Kobe can be unlocked by completing the first Spotlight Sim challenges - which have been in the game since its launch - as well as completing the new Historic Sim challenges - which are now in-game.

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It’s not going to be a quick job. But, if you complete all of the Spotlight Sim challenges you will earn yourself a Galaxy Opal James Harden as well as plenty of other rewards along the way.

Kobe Galaxy Opal Tweet
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MAMBA MENTALITY! A Galaxy Opal Kobe will be one of the best cards in the game!


Whilst completing the Historic Sim challenges will earn you a Galaxy Opal Hakeem Olajuwon. Completing the Eastern Conference will earn you a Galaxy Opal Gilbert Arenas and the Western a Galaxy Opal Chris Mullen.

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With most of us in lockdown, what better way is there to spend your time?

A sign of things to come?

2K honoring Kobe was something which had to be done. The man was an NBA icon both on and off the court and had featured on the cover of many 2K titles over the years.

Kobe PSP Cover
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Kobe! Kobe featured on the cover of 2K10 on the PSP


But is this a sign of more recognition in the future? With NBA 2K21 due to launch in September time, could we see Kobe once again feature as a 2K cover star?

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The Legend Edition hasn’t been around for long, with Dwyane Wade featuring on this years cover, could we see Kobe on the cover one more time?