NBA 2K20: Top 5 fastest point guards (PG) available in MyTEAM – Wall, Bogues, Stockton & more

Speed is crucial to success. Which point guards can take your MyTEAM to the next level.

Tom Young by Tom Young

The point guard spot is arguably the most important in any NBA side. They are the player who will see the most of the ball and they are usually the key to any success which you will have when attacking.

There are so many key attributes for a good point guard. Play-making and three-point shooting being the two stats that players tend to look for when they select their man in MyTEAM.


However, one which is sometimes overlooked but can be valuable is speed. If you can have a quick player bringing the ball up the court, it makes it difficult for your opponent to set up their defensive plays and can pick you up lots of free points.

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Here is the list of the top five fastest point guards currently available to purchase in NBA 2k20’s MyTEAM.

John Wall (OVR 94)

Card Type: Prime VIP

Position: PG / SG

Club: Washington Wizards

Speed Rating: 97

MyTEAM Cost: 75,000

The fastest point guard who is available to purchase on NBA 2k20’s MyTEAM is the Washington Wizards’ John Wall.

It’s been a difficult last 12 months or so for Wall, with injury upon injury preventing the 29-year-old from playing any minutes in the NBA. However, those who watched Wall prior to those injuries will know the blistering pace which he possesses, making him one of the hardest PG’s to mark in the NBA today.

You can grab his 94 rated Prime VIP card for 75k on MyTEAM.

’01 Muggsy Bogues (OVR 89)

Card Type: Legacy

Position: PG / SG

Club: ’92/’93 Charlotte Hornets

Speed Rating: 97

MyTEAM Cost: 3,000

The next fastest point guard which you can grab on 2K today is the ’01 version of the Charlotte Hornets’ Muggsy Bogues.

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Bogues joined the Hornets from the Washington Bullets ahead of their inaugural season in 1988. Whilst the Charlotte franchise have had many great point guards since then, none have been as quick with the ball in hand as Muggsy, who has a whopping 97 speed rating, both with, and without, ball in hand.

Muggsy can be picked up for just 3k in MyTEAM.

’03 John Stockton (OVR 96)

Card Type: Prime Series

Position: PG / SG

Club: ’97-’98 Utah Jazz

Speed Rating: 95

MyTEAM Cost:

The next name in the list is the prime series version of the NBA all-time great John Stockton.

Stock spent his full NBA career in Utah with the Jazz and incredibly, helped the Utah franchise to the playoffs in each and every of his 19 seasons in the NBA.

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Whilst he may have lost some of his trademark speed towards the back end of his career, Stockton was lightening in his early days, highlighted by his 95 speed overall in game.

However, as you would expect from a 96 rated overall, Stock doesn’t come cheap. 265k is the cheapest on the market at the time of writing.

’81 Jo Jo White (OVR 95)

Card Type: Legacy

Position: PG / SG

Club: Boston Celtics

Speed Rating: 95

MyTEAM Cost: 42,000

The theme of quick NBA greats continues with the inclusion of the late Boston Celtic Jo Jo White.

White spent the first ten years of his NBA career in Boston with the Celtics and was part of a rebuilding era with the C’s following the departure of Bill Russell and Sam Jones. However, White was one of the key men for the Celtics across the next decade, with his low center of gravity and speed the key element to his game.

The number 10 jersey which he wore during his time in Boston has since been retired by the Celtics.

’06 Nick Van Exel (OVR 92)

Card Type: Prime VIP

Position: PG / SG

Club: ’97-’98 Los Angeles Lakers

Speed Rating: 95

MyTEAM Cost: 14,500

The final name to make the top five list is the La Lakers showman Nick ‘Van Excellent’ Exel.

Van Exel currently works as an assistant coach at the Memphis Grizzlies and spent time at numerous clubs across his career, but is best known for his five-year stint in LA in the 90s, with whom he earned his only All-Star appearance in 1998.

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Due to his trademark speed, Van Exel earned the nickname Nick The Quick. Somewhat surprisingly, Nicks speed with the ball in hand (96) is actually higher than his 95 speed rating.

Tom Young