NBA 2K20: Best Young Power Forwards (Under 25) – Porzingis, Siakam & more

Easily the most versatile players on the court, these are the young stars you want to build around.

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

The NBA season is still a few weeks away, but NBA 2K20 has given hoops fans a chance to get on the court.

The global sensation of a basketball game has captivated fans over recent years. As the only competitor in the industry 2K Games has done an impeccable job recreating the worlds fastest growing game.

The power forward position has emerged as one of the most dynamic positions in all of basketball. With NBA 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis leading the way for this new generation of power forwards we have seen players at this position do it all. From three-point shooting to posting up their defender, these players may have some of the widest skillsets in basketball.

However, to build a team that can content for titles for years to come you need to find a young power forward to play with. So going into NBA 2K20, who is the best young power forwards you should build a team around?

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Kristaps Porzingis, Dallas Mavericks -87 OVR

Age: 23

The former New York Knick, who had a falling out with the team during the trade deadline last year, now resides on the Mavericks. Dubbed “The Unicorn”, Porzingis has risen to become one of the NBA’s best PF since his surprising draft which saw the Knicks take him fourth.

Coming off the back end of a torn ACL, Kristaps is looking to have a rebound season and there is no doubt he will indeed have one. Keep an eye out for this dynamic player who will for sure tower above his opposition this upcoming season.

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Pascal Siakam, Toronto Raptors – 87 OVR

Age: 25

The reigning NBA champion had a breakout season during the Raptor’s 2019 run at the title, so much so he was awarded the NBA’s Most Improved Player of The Year award.

Siakam was first seen as a project player when the Raptors selected him late in the first round, but since his draft, he has developed into one of the star players in the Eastern Conference.

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John Collins, Atlanta Hawks – 84 OVR

Age: 21

Collins was a sensation for the Hawks last year, it is simple as that.

The freak athletic power forward was part of the one-two combination along with Trae Young last season. The Hawks are seen as one of the youngest and promising teams for the coming seasons, Collins will be one of the centerpieces behind the future of basketball in Atlanta.

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Kyle Kuzma, Los Angeles Lakers – 84 OVR

Age: 23

Kyle Kuzma was the only member of the Lakers young core to survive the Anthony Davis trade that sent the rest of them to the Pelicans.

A four-year college player who was picked late in the first round, Kuz has surprised many so far in his NBA career. An efficient high scoring player who is on pace to average 20 points per game this season.

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Julius Randle, New York Knicks – 83 OVR

Age: 24

A turbulent career so far for Randle has seen him bounce between multiple NBA teams on his rookie contract, but to his relief secured a lucrative contract that should set him up to become the go-to man for New York this season.

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Lauri Markkanen, Chicago Bulls – 83 OVR

Age: 22

One of the few Finnish players in the NBA currently, Markkanen is seen as another version of the legendary Dirk Nowitzki. He can knock down any shot, especially from the three-point line, and can attack just as well as any big man in the NBA. 2K showed Lauri this appreciation with an 80 three-point rating which is immensely high for someone at the power forward position.

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Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento Kings – 83 OVR

Age: 20

Another NBA power forward that is a part of a one-two combination, Bagley’s Batman to his Robin is the sensational point guard De’Aaron Fox. The former Duke big man is highly versatile and his 2K ratings showcase this. An 85 dunk rating along with a 74 three-point rating is a mixture that not many power forwards possess.


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