NBA 2K20: Best Washington Wizards team you can buy on MyTEAM – Chenier, Wall, Beal & more

The team from the capital have had a torrid time of late but you can use their best to win big.

Washington, DC. The home of the President, the Lincoln Memorial, Olympic National Park and the Washington Wizards.

It’s been a tough time of late for the 1978 NBA Champions (then known as the Washington Bullets) as they currently sit a lowly 13th in the Eastern Conference with a 10-23 record.

Their main man John Wall has been out with a long term injury since the beginning of last season, leaving Bradley Beal as the leading PG in DC, but there’s only so much one man can do, right?

Thankfully for you 2K fans, you can build a pretty tasty Wizards side on MyTEAM and we are going to show you the very best starting five you can go out and purchase today.

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PG – John Wall (OVR 94)

Card type: Prime VIP

Best stats: 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 97 speed with ball

Cost: 42k

We spoke about how significant John Wall’s absence has been as of late, and rightly so as he is the highest-rated Wizard in the game.

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Wall spent his full career to date with the Wizards and made five consecutive All-Star appearances between 2014 and 2018.

He is all about speed and that is reflected in this card, with all three of his top stats focusing on his speed, both with and without the ball.

SG – ‘81 Phil Chenier (OVR 97)

Card type: Legacy

Best stats: 98 hustle, 98 hands, 98 offensive consistency

Cost: 90k

Partnering Wall in the back-court is one of the all-time Wizards greats, shooting guard Phil Chenier.

Chenier spent the bulk of his career with the Wizards (or Bullets as they were then known) and was a key member of that 1978 title-winning side.

Like Wall, Chernier is an athletic guard (92 OVR athleticism) that enjoys creating buckets (91 OVR playmaking) just as much as he enjoys scoring them (89 OVR outside scoring).

SF – Bradley Beal (OVR 95)

Card type: Moments of the Week

Best stats: 98 stamina, 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency

Price: 70k

A bit of a controversial decision next as shooting guard Bradley Beal moves into his secondary position, the small forward role in this side.

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With a lack of standout options in the role, we opted for two-time All-Star Beal, who we believe has the attributes to make the switch seamlessly.

Whilst it’s not his standout stat, his 75-rated defending means he has the abilities to cause problems for the opposition’s attack.

His 95 rated hustle shows he won’t give up any of those 50-50s.

PF- Davis Bertans (OVR 90)

Card type: Moments of the Week

Best stats: 98 shot IQ, 98 hands, 95 hustle

Cost: 7.5k

The 2019 campaign may have been a disappointment in large part for the Wizards, but the form of Davis Bertans has been pretty special.

The power forward began NBA 2K20 as a 75-rated silver card but received a well-deserved boost in week 7 of the Moments of the Week series (after dropping 25 points, three rebounds and two assists against the Clippers).

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This card is all about scoring.

His 92 OVR outside scoring is by far his best main attribute and with hot zones in all five areas from deep and a 94 rated three ball, he will score BIG points for this side.

C – Thomas Bryant (OVR 76)

Card type: ‘20 NBA

Best stats: 97 shot IQ, 87 hustle, 87 shot close

Cost: <1k

The only area in the side which lacks real quality is the center spot, hence the selection of current Wizard, Thomas Bryant.

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Bryant has been with the Wizards since leaving the Lakers in 2018 and whilst he hasn’t been a bad addition, he isn’t a superstar just yet.

He has some decent stats but nothing to write home about, so you might want to look elsewhere for a center for this side.

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