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NBA 2K20: Best player at every single age - Zion Williamson, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James & more

Year after year the NBA Draft showcases the up-and-coming talent that will be the future of the NBA. 

Zion Williamson is the latest superstar to enter the league. He has been in the spotlight since his high-school days. His athletic prowess gives him the edge over his draft class. 

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In other sports games such as FIFA, players who hit age 32 tend to lose all physical capabilities in-game. At 42 years of age, Vince Carter is the oldest current player in the NBA and is still able to keep up with some younger athletes that he competes against.

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Zion Williamson (81 OVR)

Despite never playing a single game in the league, Zion Williamson has been rated 81. With physical capabilities of a man in his mid-twenties, the teenager will look to dominate physically this season. 


Although he looks the full package, he has not even completed a season yet so his experience is very limited. 

However, every player at his age suffers the same lack of experience and 2K clearly see him as the best upcoming youngster there is on NBA 2K20.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (96 OVR)

The 'Greek Freak' is the youngest player to be 90+ overall. At 24 years of age, he already possesses the skills needed to guide his team to the play-offs and win MVP.

Despite a poor 3-point shooting percentage over last season, any GM will be happy to have Giannis in their side.

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Al Horford (85 OVR)

Despite his age of 33 years old, the Philadelphia 76ers signed Horford on a 4-year deal.

This may leaver Sixers fans scratching their heads as they already have an All-Star center in Joel Embiid. But if people in Philadelphia know one thing it is to definitely 'Trust the Process'. 


Tyson Chandler (73 OVR)

The tallest of the players below, Chandler is a championship winning center with experience in abundance. He knows what it takes to win as he has done it in his career. Unfortunately, the old age of 37 has caught up with his physical ability making him sluggish and slow in the paint. 

Despite all of this, he remains the highest overall 37-year-old on NBA 2K20.

Vince Carter (73 OVR)

Toronto's sweetheart is still in the league. 

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He is the only remaining player to be playing in the league who was not drafted in this century. 

The 1998 draftee has torn up the league back in his prime bringing the fun back to basketball for all fans in Canada.

His long career has only recently affected his physical ability. Although, last season he was seen dunking at the age of 41. 

Here is the list of the best players in every age group on NBA 2K20:

Age Name Overall
18Sekou Doumbouya73
19Zion Williamson81
20Luka Doncic87
21De'Aaron Fox86
22Devin Booker86
23Karl-Anthony Towns89
24Giannis Antetokounmpo96
25Joel Embiid91
26Anthony Davis94
27Kyrie Irving91
28Kawhi Leonard97
29Paul George93
30James Harden96
31Kevin Durant96
32Mike Conley87
33Al Horford85
34LeBron James97
35JJ Redick80
36Devin Harris73
37Tyson Chandler73
38Zach Randolph77
39Jamal Crawford77
42Vince Carter73
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