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NBA 2K20: Best Philadelphia 76ers team you can buy on MyTEAM - Iverson, Erving, Chamberlain & more

They haven’t won a title since the 1980s but that could soon change.

The 76ers are one of the favorites to come out of this East this season and rightly so.

With the likes of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris already in their squad and the off-season acquisitions of Al Horford and Josh Richardson, it is safe to say that this Philly side is STACKED!

That being said, there have been some incredible talents to pull on their jersey over the years, making them one of the most feared All-Star sides on NBA 2K20.

Looking solely at MyTEAM, here is the best starting five you can make from the Philadelphia 76ers currently in the fan-favorite game-mode.

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PG - ‘04 Allen Iverson (OVR 89)

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Card type: SpotlightBest stats: 98 hands, 97 hustle, 95 offensive consistencyCost: 6.8k


A bit of a controversial one to kick things off, as we have Allen Iverson occupying the point guard position.

Yes we know what you’re thinking and yes you’re right, Iverson was a shooting guard. However, Iverson’s versatility meant that he was no fool at point guard either and given the lack of options in that position, we’ve decided to move A.I. into that point guard slot.

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Looking at his stats, he can certainly play that role well. 82 rated playmaking, including his ridiculous speed (92 speed with ball) and his range of passing (84 accuracy and 85 IQ) Iverson is going to have no issues running the offense in this side.

SG - Josh Richardson (OVR 91)

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Card type: Moments of the WeekBest stats: 97 shot IQ, 95 stamina, 95 offensive consistencyCost: 12k


Playing alongside The Answer in the guard positions is current 76er, Josh Richardson.

Richardson picked up this 91 rated card in week five of the Moments of the Week series after dropping 32 points, four assists and one rebound in the 113-86 win over his former employers, the Miami Heat. The 26-year-old’s card is pretty stacked, with 85+ in three base stats (85 defending, 85 athleticism and 87 outside scoring). He will only set you back 12k too, a no-brainer if you’re looking for a shooting guard on a budget.

SF - ‘87 Julius Erving (OVR 94)

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Card type: Prime VIPBest stats: 98 vertical, 98 offensive consistency, 96 help defense IQCost: 45k


Back to the archives now and we have a Philadelphia favorite in the form of Julius Erving.

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Erving was a key member of the last Philly squad to pick up a ring back in 1983 and also won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award two years earlier in 1981. Dr J spent 11 years in Philadelphia and is one of ten players to have his jersey number (6) retired by the franchise.

He is one of the pricier players in this five, however, you can't complain at 45k for a card of this caliber. Erving LOVES a driving bucket (93 driving layup and 96 driving dunk) but can also get it done on the defensive end of the court too (86 OVR defending). If you can afford him, get him. It’s as simple as that.

‘76 Bobby Jones (OVR 90)

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Card type: LegacyBest stats: 98 shot contest, 98 pick & roll defense IQ, 98 reaction timeCost: 4.3k


Another Philly legend for you now and another member of that ‘83 winning team, Bobby Jones.

A four-time All-Star and nine-time All-Defensive team member, putting up points wasn’t the aim for Bobby, it was all about those stops. Incredibly, Jones made the playoffs in every single season of his career and is widely considered to be one of the best defensive forwards of all-time.

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C - ‘71 Wilt Chamberlain (OVR 96)

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Card type: PrimeBest stats: 99 durability, 99 stamina, 98 defensive reboundCost: 378k


The final name in this All-Star Philadelphia side is another big one. Goliath himself, Wilt Chamberlain.

Wilt won two Championships during his playing days, including one in Philly in 1967. Despite only spending three years with the 76ers, Wilt made quite an impression, including finishing the 1968 season with the most rebounds AND the most assists in the competition.

This card is scarily good hence the price, but once again if you can afford it, you have to have it. In the key, both on offense (95 inside scoring) or defense (89 defending) there are few better. Whilst the 11 time NBA rebounding champion isn’t going to struggle to grab those balls off the glass with 98 defensive and 96 offensive rebounding.

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