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NBA 2K20: Best Indiana Pacers team you can buy on MyTEAM - George, Brogdon, Smits & more

The next team we are focussing on in our series of best one-team MyTEAMs to build is the Eastern Conference’s Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers have had an impressive start to the season after a disappointing first-round sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics in last season's playoffs, sitting in 6th place on a .667 Pct (18-9).

Looking at both present-day Pacers and those from back in the day, here is the best starting five you can make from those currently available in MyTEAM.

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PG - Malcolm Brogdon (OVR 91)

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Card type: Moments of the WeekBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 97 stamina, 95 handsCost: 70k

Malcolm Brogdon switched Milwaukee for Indiana in the offseason on the back of one of an incredible shooting season with the Bucks, becoming only the eighth player to join the 50-40-90 club.


He wasted no time in getting going in Indiana either and recorded a double-double in each of his first four games as a Pacer, earning a Moments of the Week card in week 2.

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This card is all about racking up the points, 90-rated outside scoring, including a crazy 91-rated 3pt shot and hot zones from each of the five zones from beyond the arc. He can put them on a plate too, 90-rated playmaking makes him one of the best current PG’s in the NBA for dishing out assists.

SG - Victor Oladipo (OVR 85)

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Card type: ‘20 NBABest stats: 98 shot IQ, 92 shot contest, 90 pick & roll defense IQCost: <1k


Victor Oladipo and Borgdon are yet to play together in Indiana yet, with Oladipo still on the sidelines after suffering a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee back in January of this year.

The injury came at the worst possible time for Oladipo who had been named in the All-Star team in back to back campaigns (2018 & 2019) after his move from Oklahoma.

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Despite his injury, Oladipo still comes in at a respectable 85 OVR on his base card this year. A real dog on defense, Oladipo loves to chase down his opponents and contest the shot (92 rated shot contest).

On the other end of the court, Oladipo is prone to getting off a quick three-ball (85 rated spot up shot 3pt). For under 1k, you’d be daft not to try him out.

SF - Paul George (OVR 94)

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Card type: Prime VIPBest stats: 98 vertical, 97 shot IQ, 97 staminaCost: 180k


He may be an LA Clipper now, but Paul George certainly made his name in Indiana.

In terms of all-round small forwards, you’ll struggle to find many better than George.

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The 2019 NBA steals leader (89 rated steal) is a menace on the perimeter of the arc (95 rated perimeter defense) and he certainly has the knowhow to make those big buckets when on the attack (97 shot IQ and 98 offensive consistency).

At 180k, he is the most expensive player in this side by a considerable margin. That being said, he is also the best!

PF - ‘07 Al Harrington (OVR 86)

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Card type: Lights OutBest stats: 95 stamina, 95 shot IQ, 93 shot midCost: 2k


Moving onto the power forward spot now and we have NBA journeyman Al Harrington.

Harrington spent two spells in Indiana, the first six years of his career between 1998 and 2004 before returning for a second spell in 2006.

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Having Paul George next to him in the forward roles will be a big help in this team as defense (71 OVR) isn’t a strong point for Harrington. However, his 91 rated outside scoring means he will be a big threat on the offensive end of the court.

95 rated stamina will help Harrington to stay involved in those attacks late in those close contests.

C - ‘00 Rik Smits (OVR 89)

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Card type: LegacyBest stats: 96 shot IQ, 95 hands, 95 hustleCost: 15k


The last name in the list is one that Pacers fans will remember fondly, 7’4” giant Rik Smits.

"The Dunking Dutchman" made one All-Star appearance with the Pacers in 1998 and was part of the only Pacers side in NBA history to make the NBA finals in his final year on court (2000) where the Pacers fell to a 4-2 defeat to the LA Lakers.

At 7’4”, Smit is one of the biggest and best cheap centers in the game today. Whilst his block (60) may seem disappointing, his height means he makes way more than you would think. His rebounding (87) also feels more like a 90+ in-game due to his ridiculous height.

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer: The best badges you should use

The NBA regular season is well underway and the early favorites are beginning to assert their dominance across the league already as 20 is serving up hoops action to fans in their living room across the world.

Things have settled down around the 2K community after a turbulent start and players are finally enjoying the game.

Now that those bugs have gone, RealSport has compiled a list of the most important badges that you need for your MyPlayer if you want to dominate on The Rec and The Neighborhood.

10 – Difficult Shots

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Moving shots have become a part of many offensive player’s repertoire in The Neighborhood.


Once your teammate has set you a solid screen, you have the opportunity to run into space and pull up for either a three-pointer or a mid-range jump shot.

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Difficult shots allow you to put your shot up with a higher chance of making it even though you may be off-balanced.

This makes it perfect for The Neighborhood.

For more MyPlayer badges, head here.

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