NBA 2K20: Best Power Forwards (PF) on MyTEAM for under 50k – Love, Malone, McHale & more

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Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan.

These are just a few of the names which spring to mind when you think about the greatest power forwards to ever step foot on the NBA court.

Unfortunately, all three of these players are quite expensive on MyTEAM. However, its not all doom and gloom as there is a whole host of stars you can pick up for less than 50k.

All five players in this list come in at under 50k and it includes some BIG names, such as Karl Malone and Kevin McHale.

Here is our list of the top five budget power forwards on NBA 2K20.

‘77 Bob Love (OVR 95)

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Card Type: Legacy

Position: PF / SF

Team: Chicago Bulls

Best stats: 98 offensive consistency, 97 shot IQ, 95 staminaCost: 43k

The best budget power forward on NBA 2K20 is the 95 rated Bulls legend Bob Love, who can be picked up for just over 40k.

‘Butterbean’, as he was affectionatly known in his playing days, played for five teams during his 11 year NBA career, but is best remembered for his time in Chicago.

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A master with both hands (95 rated hands in game), he was a three time NBA All-Star during his time in Chicago and whilst he never won a ring during his time with the Bulls, he left such a mark that he was the second player to have his number (10) retired by the franchise.

‘04 Karl Malone (OVR 92)

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Card type: Spotlight

Position: PF / C

Team: ‘97-‘98 Utah Jazz

Best stats: 99 durability, 98 offensive consistency, 98 reaction time

Cost: 15k

The next name in the top five is the two time NBA MVP Karl Malone.

Arguably the greatest player to ever play for the Utah Jazz, Malone spent 18 years in Utah, making the All-Star team fourteen times during that stretch. Over the course of his career he averaged a double double with 25 PPG and 10.1 RPG and like Love, Malone had his number retired by both club and college at the end of his career.

Malone is a beast in the paint, with his inside scoring (89 OVR) made up of 91 post moves, 85 standing dunk and 85 driving dunk. For just 15k there is no doubt he would be a great signing for any side.

‘93 Kevin McHale (OVR 92)

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Card type: SpotlightPosition: PF / C

Team: ‘85-‘86 Boston Celtics

Best stats: 98 stamina, 98 shot IQ, 95 offensive consistencyCost: 11.5k

Kevin McHale is another one team man, spending his full playing days in Boston with the Celtics and is known for being one of the best NBA power forwards of all time.

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The three time NBA Champion was a third overall pick for the Cs in the 1980 draft and remained in Boston until he retired in 1993. Whilst he was no chump on offense - averaging 17.9 PPG - he was better known for his defensive abilities, highlighted by his 89 rated interior defense and his 94 pick and roll defense IQ.

Like Malone, McHale can also play in the center role, a nice versatile player who despite his 92 OVR, can be picked up for just 11.5k

‘05 Christian Laettner (OVR 92)

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Card type: Prime VIP

Position: PF / C

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Best stats: 95 hustle, 95 hands, 95 shot IQ

Cost: 10k

Another player who comes in at less than 50k with a 92 OVR is the NBA journeyman Christian Laettner

Laettner started his career in Minnesota with the Timberwolves, staying their for four seasons before making the move to Atlanta. It was in his time with Atlanta where he made his first and only NBA All-Star appearance in 1997.


Whilst his NBA record is impressive, Laettner is better remembered for his time in college playing in the NCAA, with his time with the Duke Blue Devils regarded as one of the greatest in the competitions history.

Christian's hustle is his top rated stat (95 OVR) and rightly so, he grafted from the first whistle to the last, picking up a whopping 5,806 rebounds in his NBA career (88 OVR).

‘76 Bobby Jones (90 OVR)

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Card type: Legacy

Position: PF

Team: ‘76-‘77 Philadelphia 76ers

Best stats: 98 reaction time, 98 pick and roll defence IQ, 98 reaction timeCost: 10k

The last name to make the list for the top five budget power forwards is the defensive machine Bobby Jones.

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Jones played for two sides in his NBA career, starting with the Denver Nuggets before moving to the 76ers in 1978, where he remained for the rest of his career.

Jones’ was a four time NBA all star and made the All-Defensive team in eight consecutive seasons between 1977-84. His game was all about his defense (90 OVR) and he has no defending stat under 85 rated, making him a great addition for anyone who struggles on that end of the court.

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