NBA 2K20: All the Xbox One Bundle options for the new game

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With many loyal fans are returning to upcoming franchise series installment of NBA 2K20, there are also many that will be picking up the game for the first time and learning how to play. 

As a result, many will be looking for deals and steals with systems and a copy of NBA 2K20 included.

For these buyers, there are a few bundle offers coming with an Xbox One. Here are just a few of the bundles that are available, as well as what they have to offer.

Xbox One X NBA 2K20 Special Edition bundle (1TB)

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With Microsoft looking to boost console sales, it’s no surprise that Microsoft would offer bundles for gamers to play the newest NBA 2K game on. Whether upgrading or trying something new, this bundle will be one that is sorely needed.

For the Xbox One X, if you are planning to get yourself a new console, you can get massive steals if ordering through the Microsoft store as well. These include such things as:

  • A custom Hyperspace Special edition Xbox One X that comes in Custom Cyan and magenta night sky design, complete with Xbox Wireless Controller, 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player.
  • Full-game download of the standard edition NBA 2K20 upon release, plus the basic standard edition pre-order rewards
  • 1 month of Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • 1 month’s worth of Xbox Game Pass membership

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This is one of the more expensive bundles, sitting at $499.99, but for that price, you are gaining close to $600.00 worth of content and accessories, as well as the custom Xbox One X. Unfortunately, this deal is not available to UK customers. 

Xbox One S NBA 2K20 bundle (1 TB)

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Along with the Xbox One X bundle deal, Microsoft is also rolling out a bit softer option, one for the Xbox One S. This bundle deal comes in at $299.00 / £249.99 for both the Xbox One S and the NBA 2K20 basic game. With this bundle, you receive:

  • An Xbox One S console, complete with wireless controller
  • Full-game download for NBA 2K20 and standard edition rewards
  • 1 month of Xbox Live Gold Subscription
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Not only are Microsoft offering these bundles out to those that want them, many distributors will have in-store options that can be picked up if you pre-order through them. 

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Gamestop, for instance, is running a few extra benefits, including a headset if you order through them. 


If you are to order through Amazon, they also offer small accessory add-ons depending on memberships. Many local stores will have deals offered for in-store purchases as well. So, don’t wait, save some money, and get to the courts!

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