NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Best Budget Players

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With the MyTeam mode always being hot, it’s naturally important that people will always want to find out what is best to use during a full match. But, there are some stipulations when attempting to create a team. With MyTeam, building a squad can come at disadvantages, because you have a certain cap.

The cap is usually how much money you can put into one squad, for one game. To keep the game balanced their overall worth cannot exceed a certain amount. So, if you have an extremely rare galaxy opal card, it may not be best to play him right away.


Why Budget Players?

To start with, there are a few reasons why you want to budget out players. Unless you are playing in the open brackets, MyTeam matches all have caps on how often you are able to have a player in a game. The higher the ranking, the more money and contracts you need open to be able to place them onto your starting roster.

This is also accented when you first attempt to buy the players. If you want to find players to pick up for your rosters without opening fifteen different packs, you can access the auction house and pick up players that others have decided aren’t worth their time or are duplicates. 

Each card on the auction house costs a certain amount of MT to buy. MT can be picked up from rewards or missions, as well as basic games. But, some of the higher tier cards can cost upwards of over 20k to 30k. But, not everyone can shell out almost 200k for a full roster. Instead, we will be focusing on the best 5k players that you can pick up to fill out your roster.


Derrick Coleman (OVR 84)


Height: 6’ 10”

Cost: 4k

Picked first during the 1990 NBA draft, Derrick Coleman boasts a strong presence on the court. Averaging around 20 points during his career peak years, in MyTeam, he is a force to be reckoned with if you find yourself against him. Although he is labeled as a Power Forward, he is definitely strong in the center position. With strong defensive stats, he can stabilize the inside of the paint, and help start plays for the rest of your team.

Power Forward

Draymond Green (OVR 86)

Height: 6’ 7”


Cost: Approx. 4k

One of the more reputable names on this list, Draymond Green is a strong Power Forward, who has consistently posted strong numbers over the past few seasons. In 2017, he was named Defensive Player of the Year. He has also played on many All-Star teams, making him a top pick from the many current year players. Although he may seem a bit cheap, his strong defensive capabilities, as well as his point averages, will make him a valuable asset for your team.

Point Guard

Ben Simmons (OVR 85)

Height: 6’ 10”

Cost: 4k


As one of the players currently going into his second year professionally, Ben Simmons has shown promising conditions so far. He averaged around 16 points per each of the 81 games he played with the Philadelphia 76ers. He is primarily a power forward, but can also be played in the point guard position. Depending on the rest of your squad, he is a very flexible Sapphire player to round out your team.

Small Forward

Jayson Tatum (OVR 65)

Height: 6’ 8”

Cost: 4k

As a very young rookie, Jayson Tatum is seen as a strong potential player in the future. He has posted average numbers at best so far in 2017, but he still has better basics than others for the cost. Keep this one if you can’t find any others through the rewards system.


Shooting Guard

Donovan Mitchell (OVR 84)

Height: 6’ 3”

Cost: 4k

Although only in his second year of playing professionally, Donovan Mitchell is seen as a possible strength. After posting higher than average points per game in the shooting guard position, this player creates great synergy between many players, as well as helping out on defense. For under 4k, he can be a great addition to your roster until you find a stronger diamond to fill his spot.

Most Important Quality

With lower overall ratings, and lower end attributes, it can be difficult to see how having a budget team is any good. The most important attribute to focus on when placing a budget team is not their individual ratings, however. Instead, look to focus on team synergy. Pick lower end players that synergize with the coach of your choice, that also excel in getting a boost out of the system proficiency that is in place.