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NBA 2K19: Best Shooting Guard (SG) Builds and Tips

The shooting guard position is historically known as one that can score in volume. Some like to bomb from deep, while others are in favor of driving the lane. The greats at this position can do it all. No matter which route you want to take your player, you should know the limitations that your build will be facing and the builds that can take you to the top.

I’ve got a list of the only five shooting guard builds that can help you reach a higher overall rating with at least 238 total attribute points or more.

God Tier Shooting Guards

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Driving & Finishing - Defending Shooting Guard

Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Layups, Dunks

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240


Defending - Driving & Finishing Shooting Guard

Top Attributes: Vertical

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

Defending - Defending Shooting Guard

Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

You should notice a trend in the ability to make higher attribute builds for any position seems to be focused on defense. Even a position historically known for scoring, the shooting guard position still needs to mix defense into their build. If your build allows you to get more stops on defense, this can lead to easy fast break scoring opportunities as your player should also have good speed and acceleration to turn it the other way. 


Strong Shooting Guard Options

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Shot Creating - Defending Shooting Guard

Top Attributes: Mid range, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Speed

Total Attribute Points Possible: 239

This is your most balanced shooting guard build if you wish to be a player that is good at a lot of attributes, but a master of none. The weakest attribute with this build is passing, but your player should be at or above average in just about everything else. You will be able to adapt to the flow of the game and handle whatever the opponent throws at you. 


Defending - Shot Creating Shooting Guard

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

This build, even with Shot Creating as the secondary skill, is very focused on defensive playmaking. Your overall athleticism and ability to force turnovers should be your bread and butter. While the player will still be decent at getting shots off, the attributes tend to favor fast breaks or mid range shots in half court sets.


If I'm building a shooting guard, I generally look for ways to easily pour on the points. I try to boost 3-point shooting attributes, as well as quickness to get open. If you have a build with any sort of range in it, you should find yourself wide open for quick cheese 3-pointers and be knocking down 20 points a game in no time. From there, you can build attributes in other areas.

Height, weight and wingspan can play a major role in deciding your player's strengths. When it comes to shooting guards, a taller player at the position may be better at defending and rebounding but a shorter player might be better at moving quick and driving. Weight will have a similar impact on your stats as well. Wingspan usually is important for shooting guards depending on their goals to either be a sharpshooter or a defender.

Shooting guards tend to be, on average, around 6’ 4”, approximately 198 lbs, and 82.9” wingspan. With these stats, you will end up being just plain average, but that is not always best. Instead, look to shorten the height by a tiny bit, as well as draw in the wingspan. However, up the weight in case you need to break away or push someone out of a possible contact dunk. Upping the weight will also help to increase your strength battles in both offense and defense.

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