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14 Apr 2019

NBA 2K League: Top Players in Steals in 2018 Season

It’s no coincidence that point guards dominate the steals category, as these quick-handed players are capable of creating opportunities out of opponent misplays while on defense. Any team would be happy to roster these elite defenders that make plays out of opponents' mistakes.

Top Steals in the League

Mama Im Dat Man, PG 

Team: Blazer5 Gaming

Height: 6’3”

Points Averaged: 13.1

Nidal “Mama Im Dat Man” Nasser was the starting point guard for the league's regular season top playoff seed. Behind the efforts of Nidal and league MVP OneWildWalnut, Blazer5 Gaming found plenty of success. His averages of 19.9 points, 13.1 assists and 3.2 steals per game were very elite and resulted in him being retained by the club for the 2019 season.

Dimez, PG 

Team: Mavs Gaming

Height: 6’3”

Steals Averaged: 3.2

Dimez lived up to expectations as the number one overall pick. He was a top scorers, assist player and steals player in the league last season, being easily retained by Mavs Gaming for the 2019 season. He averaged 22.1 points, 11.4 assists and 3.2 steals per game.


Team: Celtics Crossover Gaming

Height: 6’3”

Steals Averaged: 2.9

To say that Albano “OFAB” Thomallari is a good defender would be an understatement. Yes, this is a video game, but his average of 2.9 steals per game would be an NBA high. Additionally, his 17.7 assists per game is elite and comparable to John Stockton’s style of play. As the number two overall pick, he lived up to expectations.

Iamadamthe1st, PG 

Team: Knicks Gaming

Height: 6’3”

Steals Averaged: 2.8

Adam “Iamadamthe1st” Kudeimati will be retained by Knicks Gaming for the 2019 season after seeing much success for a 4th round pick. With averages of 16.8 points, 10.6 assists and 2.8 steals per game, Adam filled his very specific role efficiently.

Hood, PG 

Team: T-Wolves Gaming

Height: 6’5”

Steals Averaged: 2.5

Brandon “Hood” Caicedo played for T-Wolves Gaming during the league's inaugural season, after being selected by the team in the first round at 16th overall. The league expanding this upcoming season, Hood was retained by the team in hopes of a repeat performance. Hood would fit perfectly in today’s NBA, where point guards tend to score in bulk and fill the box score in multiple ways.

Other Top Steals Players in 2018 Season

Name Team Position Steals Averaged
Yeah I CompeteJazz GamingPG2.4
KennyRaptors Uprising GCPG2.3
AuthenticAfricanGrizz GamingC2.3
Game6DrakeBucks GamingPG2.2
Wolf 74Pacers GamingSF2.2