Best NBA 2K22 Badges for your Power Forward in MyCAREER

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When it's time to build your Power Forward MyPLAYER in MyCAREER one question stands out among all the others. Which NBA 2K22 Badges should you equip to your Power Forward?

With so many to choose from, the type of Power Forward build you're using is one of the most important things to determine early.

Once you've done that, you should be ready to take a look at our best NBA 2K22 Badges for your Power Forward.


NBA 2K22 Badges: Best Badges for your Power Forward

Obviously, players have been jumping on MyCAREER for a while now and likely have a pretty solid build. However, the introduction of Rebirth gives them a chance to start over.

One of the ways they can start over in NBA 2K22 is by choosing a different position for their MyCAREER and Power Forward is a popular one.

NBA 2K22 Badges MyCAREER Power Forward
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THE REBIRTH: Choose a different position and restart your MyCAREER

Depending on your Power Forward Build, these NBA 2K22 Badges could be huge to help you do much better on the court in The City and on Cancha Del Mar.


Let's start with the best Finishing Badges for your Power Forward.

Best Finishing Badges for your Power Forward

If you're one of those Power Forwards that love to take the ball down low in the paint and finish strong. The best way to help you score more often is with Finishing Badges.

These NBA 2K22 Badges are the ones that the best finishers in the NBA would have equipped to them, things such as Fearless Finisher and Backdown Punisher.

NBA 2K22 Badges MyCAREER Finishing Badges
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FINISHING BADGES: Check out all of the NBA 2K22 Finishing Badges

Here are the NBA 2K22 Finishing Badges that we'd use for your Power Forward:

Fearless Finisher:

Most important Badge for Power Forwards, especially for contact layups in the paint. Boost this to the Hall of Fame level for maximum value when driving the lane.

Backdown Punisher:

Another great NBA 2K22 Badge to have as you likely spend time in the paint backing down your opponent. This will make it much easier and you'll score a ton of points against smaller defenders.

Fast Twitch:

One quick move and you'll be driving past the entire defense. Pair this Badge with Quick First Step and you'll be one of the best driving Power Forwards in all of NBA 2K22.

Best Shooting Badges for your Power Forward


A strong shooting power forward is something that a lot of players in NBA 2K22 are looking for, similar to Kevin Durant. We've got the tools for you to add the right NBA 2K22 Badges to that as well.

NBA 2K22 Badges MyPLAYER Shooting
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LIGHTS OUT: Provide incredible shooting as a PF with these Badges

Here are some NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges that we believe you should have:



This is already a favorite among plenty of NBA 2K22 players and ended up on our Best NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges list. Blinders allow shooters to receive a lower penalty when they take shots as a defender closes out toward them, blocking their vision.

Corner Specialist:

This is an incredible shooting badge for Power Forwards. The corner three is a tough shot to make, but even tougher to guard off of a screen. A power forward that can shoot from beyond the arc? Sign us up!

Hot Zone Hunter:

You don't have to just be a great shooter from beyond the three-point line. You can have an incredible mid-range game by leveling up the Hot Zone Hunter NBA 2K22 Badge and find where your hot zones are. This way you'll get a boost when you shoot from these locations.

Best Playmaking Badges for your Power Forward

Some of the Playmaking Badges have kind of taken a back seat in NBA 2K22, but if you're working in the post as a power forward, they'll be quite useful.

NBA 2K22 Badges MyPLAYER Finishing Badges
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PLAYMAKER: Show off your talents when using these NBA 2K22 Badges

Here are our favorite NBA 2K22 Playmaking Badges for Power Forwards:


Among all of the NBA 2K22 Badges for the Playmaking category, this is probably the most important one. This way, you aren't a power forward that is constantly turning the ball over.

Quick First Step:

For our Power Forwards that want to drive the lane and score off of a dribble, the Quick First Step Badge is one of the best ones to use. You'll get a boost when first catching the ball and can use that to drive the lane easier in NBA 2K22.

Glue Hands:

This might seem like one of the useless NBA 2K22 Badges, but it can actually become quite useful. This Badge will help you catch errant passes from players across the court or under duress. This will lead to fewer turnovers from your MyPLAYER.

Best Defensive Badges for your Power Forward


Finally, the NBA 2K22 Badges that few players have paid attention to. That isn't much fault of their own though considering there aren't very many to choose from.

NBA 2K22 Badges Defensive Badges MyCAREER
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D-UP: These NBA 2K22 Badges will take your defense to the next level

Check out a few of our favorite NBA 2K22 Defensive Badges:



This is a Badge that nearly every big-man should have if he wants to be a dominant power forward in NBA 2K22. Any player that you cover will have a less likely chance of hitting their shot. This is huge when you're guarding opponents in the paint.

Rebound Chaser:

Perhaps our favorite one, this is one of the NBA 2K22 Badges assigned to Draymond Green, arguably the best power forward in the entire NBA. Your teammates will love you because you'll secure offensive rebounds and provide more opportunities to score.

Defensive Leader:

This is one of the NBA 2K22 Badges that we really like to see equipped to players. This badge can boost every defensive attribute by four, the equivalent of several hundred thousand VC per player!