Spider-Man 2 development going well despite challenges

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man series has become one of the most beloved series’ on the PlayStation in recent years.

2018’s Spider-Man released on PS4, while Spider-Man Miles Morales released on both the PlayStation 4, and the new PS5 in 2020.


Insomniac isn’t stopping there though as they are hard at work creating Spider-Man 2, a direct sequel to the 2018 game.

Miles Morales was a spin-off/expansion to Spider-Man, rather than a direct sequel.

Insomniac facing challenges

Spider-Man 2 began development in 2019, before going into full production in Q2 2020.

But by the time development got into full swing, so did the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of this, Insomniac has yet to do the motion capture and voice acting work for the game, meaning development has been delayed and more challenging than originally intended.

Despite the current challenges, Insomniac is still ploughing on full speed, making the best of a bad situation.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Key Art
NEXT-GEN: Miles Morale was released on launch day for the PS5

It is said they are focusing more on playable sections of the game, rather than the parts that require motion capture and voice acting, such as cutscenes.

Voice acting is used in regular gameplay, but can easily be added once it is completed.

The gameplay is done with animations rather than motion capture, meaning that Insomniac can still focus on that aspect of the game.

There has been no word yet from Insomniac about whether the pandemic will delay the eventual release of Spider-Man 2, but with no release date given we probably will never know the extent of the delays that it has caused.

A third character

It has been leaked that a third playable character will be coming to Spider-Man 2 to join Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

A leak that was posted on 4chan, so take this with a pinch of salt, details what to expect from this new character.

“Specifically, in addition to Peter and a character codenamed "Knight Spider", a third playable character is being made. Instructions for them cite a character that fights using unquestionably lethal methods and a gun, requiring different enemy hit react animations and chatter, code for deployable gas particles that don't obscure too much during combat, and two people who are required to work on animations for rope tentacles that trace after their movement. (Think long ninja masks). Their codename is "Purple Bat" and "Shin Vigilante", both referring to the same character. Apparently, someone liked both even though one is preferred and uses both.”

It sounds like this character will be playable, but seems to go against Peter Parker’s moral compass, so perhaps they are a grey character, rather than a good or bad guy.


Or even an enemy character that we get to play as too.

But, until Insomniac release more official details about the game, it is just speculation and we can’t confirm whether the “leaks” are accurate or not.