PUBG Mobile Season 11: Tips and tricks to dominate the map

It’s tough to win that chicken dinner. Here are seven tips and tricks to dominating your enemies.

by Remy Cabache

Every game of PUBG Mobile is different. It’s why players love the game so much and keep coming back for more.

That variety can make it hard to be consistent though. With new updates dropping to change things and seasons coming and going it is difficult to find yourself at the end game regularly.

So, it is as important as ever to remind yourself of how to stay alive. Whether you’re a vet or a noob, you need to know the best tactics to finding success, and with a new map it is as important as ever.

So, what are the most important tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile to win you that sweet, sweet chicken dinner?

Choose your spot and be patient

Season 11 bought a new map to PUBG Mobile and everyone has had to adjust to the changes that come with it. There is still a huge rush of people going for the updated parts to see what’s what and get the best loot.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: Hold steady and wait to make that kill

Those places are regularly a mess, they are packed and if you don’t get their first… no chicken for you!

Even when there hasn’t been an update, you need to make sure you choose the right spot to parachute to, and once you get their take your time! There is no rush, and if you are careful you can find great loot and set yourself up for a successful game as everyone else kills each other off.

Choose your weapons wisely

Seeing as this is a shooter and your goal is to stay alive, as you might have guessed, your weapons are crucial.

SHOTGUN THE SHOTGUN: There is no substitute

It’s worth noting this can depend heavily on where you drop, what is available and what your style is, but there are certain things you should never turn your nose up to.

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A shotgun, especially early on while you’re raiding and looting, is immense. In close quarters you can win a gunfight before the opponent has an opportunity to shoot.

Secondly, find a ranged weapon – an AR, sniper, etc – and whack a scope on that bad boy. The map is big and has lots of open spaces, and on your phone you need to enhance your vision. A scope is a true gamechanger.

Armor up

As much as weapons and taking lives are important, good armor will literally save your life.

ARMOR UP: Without protective gear, you will be found out very quickly

That may seem obvious, but the secret to it is keeping it fresh. As you move around you will almost certainly find more armor as you go. Update yours for unused armor.

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Damaged armor is a disaster waiting to happen – so swap it out. Half damaged heavy armor isn’t actually heavy armor, so if you find slightly less powerful but undamaged armor, get that on.

Don’t get caught sprinting

We’ve all been there. You’re looting a building that has a ton of untouched gear and weapons, and the storm is about to move in but you’re way away from the circle.

SLOW AND STEADY: By carelessly sprinting, you will literally give the game away

So, you decide to loot until the last possible moment and then make a mad dash.

It isn’t worth it.

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Not only does it risk unnecessary damage in the storm, it makes you an easy and obvious target and puts you at a disadvantage once/if you reach the circle.

Which leads me onto my next point…


There will be times you have to cross big areas of relatively open land or make a dash across a road, it’s unavoidable. It makes you an easy target, but you can make it tougher.

SLALOM STYLE: Move from side-to-side to avoid being picked off

Zig and zag like there is no tomorrow, especially when you come under fire. The more unpredictable and frenetic your movement is the harder you are to target.

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For what it’s worth when you find yourself being shot at, particularly by a sniper, instinct may tell you to duck and cover. I hate to tell you, this is actually making their job a little easier. Instead, run for cover but move around like crazy – it’ll be much harder to pinpoint you.

Pick your shots

The nature of the game, being that you have only the ammo you find, means it can be difficult to stockpile ammo, thus allowing you to riddle opponents with bullets.

PICK YOUR SHOT: Wait for the optimum moment to strike

That enough is reason to be stingy with your ammo. Pick your shots carefully, only shoot when you feel you have a good chance to kill them – especially if they don’t know where you are. This keeps you hidden and gives you a better chance at the kill.

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Once you’re in a firefight this is equally as important. Say you damaged someone and they hid just before you get a killshot. Don’t keep shooting at where they’ll pop out, it’s a waste of ammo and gives them a window to kill you when you reload, but aim at that spot and wait for them to pop out.

Barefoot is best

Play barefoot. This may sound weird, but there is method to the madness.

CLUNKY: Boots are too noisy and can give you away

Early on in the game, when you’re looting buildings, boots are loud. Barefoot means you can move quietly and increases your chances of being the one to find your enemy, not the other way around.

This is also crucial during the end of the game. The last thing you want when the circle is small is to give away your position to the elite few left. Take those boots off and move quietly towards that chicken dinner.

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Off the back of a host of delays – not exactly the best way to kick off the decade – the PUBG Mobile Season 11 update is finally here!

A big PUBG Mobile update is being released today on Android and iOS devices, though not everyone will be getting it at the same time.

Tencent has finally confirmed that today, fans will finally see the release of a new patch on all platforms.

However, the studio was unable to provide an exact schedule for when the download will be available to install.

Some regions will see the launch of the new PUBG Mobile patch before others, but everyone should have access by the end of the day.

The new download will be small in comparison to recent launches, but it comes with a big bonus – check out all the details below.

What’s new?

The update will see the release of the following cosmetics:

  • New M416 Skin
  • New M762 Skin
  • Backpack
  • Pan Skin
  • Helmet Skin

The new skins will match the sci-fi futuristic theme so expect a lot of color and flash that help dazzle your opponents on the battleground.

New ‘Town’ Map

Coming to Domination mode, the new map ‘Town’ arrives.

Players now can enter the new Arena map, where they will be assigned to either the blue or red team for a 4v4 battle and capture the bases to win.

Remy Cabache