PUBG Mobile: When does Season 14 end? When does Season 15 start? News, updates, & more

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PUBG Mobile's Season 14 has been a smash hit.

The season has provided tons of new cosmetics - including skins, gun skins, voice packs, emotes, and plenty more.


Season 14 won't last forever though!

When will PUBG Mobile Season 14 end?

PUBG Mobile Season 14, like all of the seasons in the game, is on a cycle.

Each lasts roughly eight or nine weeks, so we expect PUBG Mobile Season 14 to end on 13 September.

PUBG Mobile new season14 content

RISE AND GRIND: It's time to start grinding out your Season 14 Royale Pass rewards

That means you don't have too much longer to complete your Royale Pass and collect all the amazing rewards!

Season 14 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile's Season 14 Royale Pass is stacked to the brim with some awesome new content.


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While you'll have to grind to unlock them, they're certainly worth the effort with the exciting new theme "Spark the Flame".

When does Season 15 start?

PUBG Mobile Season 15 will start right after Season 14 ends.

pubg mob

LOOK GOOD, PLAY GOOD: What will the next season have in store for us?

It has a release date of 15 September!

With it will be a new Royale Pass and plenty of cool updates, potentially including some changes to the Erangel map and even a new character!