PUBG Mobile Season 14 Rewards LIVE: Royale Pass, Tiers, Cosmetics, Skins, Gun Skins, Emotes & more!

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PUBG Mobile is a force to be reckoned with in mobile gaming.

This is helped along by the huge episodic releases that come with each season, with tons of cosmetics to grind. Season 14, which is live now, is certainly no different.


With that in mind, let's go over all of the amazing Royale Pass rewards in Season 14.

Live NOW!

PUBG Mobile Season 14 is officially live, which means it's time to update your game and start the Royale Pass grind to unlock all of the amazing new cosmetics.

Speaking of the Royale Pass...

Royale Pass

The Royale Pass is a great way to give fans of the game something to work towards.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 6

COSMETICS - PUBG Mobile has some amazing cosmetics to offer!

With the release of Season 14, we've gotten a brand new Royale Pass. These passes allow for new content to be unlocked via play, which is a great motivator to get into the action and start winning chicken dinners.

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The pass includes new cosmetics like character skins and outfits as well as weapon and vehicle skins, some of which have already been leaked.

Leaked Skins

Some of the new skins coming with the new season were leaked early.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 3

PHARAOH - What other amazing skins will we get in Season 14?

Included in these are the "Commander" and "Pharaoh" skins. These aren't the official names of the skins but have been given placeholder names by the community.

We've also gotten supposed leaks for more legendary skins, a Butcher of Stalber skin, and Avian Tyrant, both with a menacing and exciting look.

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These skins will likely be part of the Royale Pass, so players can earn these skins in-game.

You can check out more of the leaked skins here.

Weapon Skins

Weapon camos and skins are also a large part of PUBG's reward and cosmetic system.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 2

SILVER SURFER - We can expect the skins to follow some sort of "Fire" based theme.

We've got our first look at some of the weapon skin rewards coming in the new Season.

This as well as all other gun skins and vehicle skins that are supposedly on the way were shown on the ClassifiedYT YouTube channel.

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