PUBG Mobile Season 14 Countdown - Release Date, New Map, New Theme, Update 0.19.0 & more

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The next season for PUBG Mobile is almost here!

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Here's a quick overview of what you need to know about Season 14.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date


PUBG Mobile Season 14 will launch on Tuesday, 14 July.

Season 13 will officially end on Sunday, 12 July.

Any progression on the Royale Pass will stop and you'll need to purchase the next one.

pubgmobile season 14 release
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INCOMING - The new season arrives next week!


So now's the time to unlock as many rewards as possible from Season 13 ahead of the new season!

Expect Season 14 to last around 8-9 weeks and finish in September, when Season 15 rolls around.

New Map

PUBG Mobile released various images with different stamps on them, suggesting a new map was on the way.

The new map - Livik - is expected to arrive with the 0.19.0 update and is exclusive to PUBG Mobile.

The map looks to have a load of new buildings, areas and landscapes.


The map also has a waterfall, which you can jetski down!

It's a smaller map, with up to 40 players per session.

New weapons include rapid-fire P90 and burst fire MK12 - making us very excited about the new season!

New Theme

The new theme for Season 14 is "Spark The Flame".

Content Creator Classified YT has given us some insight into this new theme.

We expect "Spark The Flame" to bring flame-influenced skins and other cosmetics into the new season.


Update 0.19.0

Ahead of the new season, a fresh update is coming to PUBG Mobile!

Update 0.19.0 arrives on Tuesday, 7 July.

Check out what we know about the patch notes here.

The new Livik map will arrive as part of the update, but stay tuned for what else is on the way!

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