PUBG Mobile Season 13 Rewards: Royale Pass, challenges, new currency AG & more

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PUBG Mobile's Update 0.18.0 is officially here, and soon so will Season 13.

Most players are queuing into Miramar for the Mad Miramar event to find the famous Golden Mirado, and they should be. After all, you only have so long to get it out of your system. But there's more to look forward to.

Let's go over everything we know about PUBG Mobile Season 13 rewards across the Royale Pass and more.

Season 13 Royale Pass Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass
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OPTIONS- You can choose between the regular and Elite Royale Pass for different rewards

With Season 13 comes another Royale Pass stacked with unlockable content.

This season's Royale Pass brings skins, gun skins, emotes, voice lines, & more.

The theme for the Season 13 Royale Pass is "Toy's Playground", which is why its skins are toy-themed. This includes Power Ranger-like armor skins called Flash and Lava Superman (blue and red armor respectively), and lego-inspired blocky gun skins for the vector and P92. There's also a tribal-themed skin with armor and a headdress with horns.

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PUBG Mobile new currency: AG (Alpha Gold)

pubg mobile new currency ag uc Update 1 18 0 Season 13
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GET SHOPPING: AG is a new currency in PUBG Mobile that's arriving just in time for Season 13

If you're hunting down challenges to complete for rewards, today's Update 0.18.0 changes everything.

Update 0.18.0 introduces a ton of new content in the Mad Miramar event, things like the Golden Mirado, P90, game modes Jungle Adventure and Safety Scramble, and Miramar 2.0. But it also introduces an all-new currency to PUBG Mobile, AG.


AG functions as an equivalent to UC that is more flexible, and can be earned more regularly by in-game challenges. You can purchase almost everything in the game with AG, so it is very sought by players. That means finding challenges that have AG as the reward is important.

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