PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass: Price, Update 0.17.0 live, rewards, skins, release date, Price in India, cosmetics, and everything you need to know

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The mobile phenomenon PUBG Mobile is rapidly approaching its next spectacular season.

Season 12 is set to drop on 9 March, which means two new Royale Passes and loads of rewards. Here is everything you need to know.


You can prepare for the new Extreme Cold Mode, and the 0.17.0 update which has already been released.

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Royale Pass price

As usual, the Elite Royale Pass will cost 600UC which will set you back $9.99.

The Elite Plus Royal Pass will cost 1800UC which is going cost $29.99.

To find out what it costs in India head here.

So, what Is The Royale Pass?

The Royale Pass works in a similar way to the Battle Pass.


You buy the Royale Pass, which then allows you to rank up through the tiers and unlock rewards along the way. The better rewards come with the more work you put in.

What Is Included In The Royale Pass?

pubg mobile season 12 royale pass rewards skins cosmetics

SKINZ: Fresh looks are on offer this season

The Royale Pass will play host to plenty of new items, here are some of the confirmed items:

  • Fresh emotes
  • Various rewards and cosmetics
  • New weapon skins
  • Amazing parachutes

Other Features

pubg mobile

DRIVE HARD: New vehicles should be coming to the map

A new Tactical map marker will be added to allow teams to tag objects on the map. This includes vehicles, weapons, and crates.

There will also be a new Winter Mode!

Not only will this add a new winter wonderland, but it will also add a new game mode!

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This will involve fighting through a snowstorm and reaching campfires and food to stay warm.

Will this twist on the original PUBG formulae keep the game feeling fresh and fun?