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06 Mar 2020

PUBG Mobile Season 12: Hotfix coming to update 1.17.0?

PUBG Mobile Season 12: Hotfix coming to update

Have you encountered problems in the latest version? You're not alone. But help could be coming.

No game is free from bugs, but when a big game suffers a few issues it can be infuriating for players.

The latest update, 1.17.0, has bought a lot of new features to PUBG Mobile.

When the Season 12 Royale Pass goes live on 9 March it will be the biggest yet in the two-year life of the global phenomenon.

Unfortunately, some users have been experiencing bugs.

However, it looks like the PUBG Mobile team is on it.

PUBG Mobile update 1.17.0

PUBG Mobile season 12

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW: There are some bugs that will get you killed

Bugs are not always universal, so they can be tricky to lock down and fix.

While some features like the death replay have gone down well, there are still issues with finding teammates, gyroscopes, and especially gun and footstep sounds.

In a recent Reddit post a user listed the bugs they encounter regularly, and there were a lot!

Hotfix coming?

There was a response from a member of the Tencent Community Team though, and it sounds promising.

"... the team is currently looking into issues that are affecting the performance/experience for everyone playing PUBG Mobile."

Hotfixes are often done in the days following a big update, so if one does come out then be ready for it before Season 12 really gets rolling!