PUBG Mobile: Sandstorm in Miramar event - Update 0.18.0, Season 13 & more

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PUBG Mobile is coming off a huge patch in Update 0.18.0. And while some players are having trouble downloading the update, others are enjoying Mad Miramar.

But that's not the only new event coming to Miramar before Season 13 arrives on 13 May.

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Let's take a look at the new PUBG Mobile event, a sandstorm in Miramar.


Sandstorm in Miramar

PUBG Mobile Sandstom in Miramar 1
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LOW VISIBILITY- Watch out, there's a sandstorm coming for Miramar

Miramar has an all new look with all new content thanks to Update 0.18.0 and the Mad Miramar event. It now features the golden Mirado, new guns and attachments, and more.


But soon there will be a new event to spice things up even further on Miramar. A sandstorm in Miramar.

The sandstorm in Miramar event will be a great way to close out Season 12 ahead of Season 13.

Release date

golden mirado pubg mobile update 1 18 0
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INSURANCE- Protect your golden Mirado from the sandstorm while you still can


The event begins 12 May.

It is joined by a 24-hour livestream on PUBGMOBILE's Youtube channel which will end when Season 13 begins.

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Event content

pubg mobile cold front survival season 13
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INCLEMENT WEATHER- Much like Cold Front Survival, we expect this event to be based around new items and surviving the conditions


Much like the Cold Front Survival event, we expect the sandstorm in Miramar to follow suit with survival elements mixed into classic PUBG Mobile gameplay.

That likely means some new items and new mini games to survive the storm like the heat from Cold Front Survival.

Miramar is somewhat of an open map with plenty of dangerous long-range engagement points. With a sandstorm raging across Miramar, not only will the golden Mirado take some damage to its paint job, but we will also likely face limited visibility.

This will make for a very fun game around new challenges to show off Miramar 2.0.

New PUBG Mobile content

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Mad Miramar event rewards Update 1.18.0
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IT'S CHRISTMAS- Mad Miramar brought plenty of new content in Update 1.18.0 on 7 May.


This event will join plenty of other new content coming from PUBG Mobile, making now the best time to join.

PUBG Mobile's Update 0.18.0 shook up the entire game by releasing the new game modes Jungle Adventure and Safety Scramble, p90, Miramar 2.0, new ag currency, new emotes and plenty more. And it only came out just days ago on 7 May.

Combine this with the upcoming Season 13 bringing new skins, new gun skins, new emotes, new voice packs and more, and it's Christmas in May.

For now, make sure to enjoy all the great content in Update 0.18.0. You might not have as much time to once Season 13 begins.

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