PUBG Mobile Season 12: Rewards, Weapons, Vehicles, Cosmetics, The Golden Pan & more

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The end of PUBG Mobile Season 11 has come - which means a new season is on the way!

So, you can expect a load of changes including rewards weapons, vehicles and skins.

The mobile port of PUBG has excelled on its own, becoming its
own title and creating its own fan base by creating a different reward system
and cosmetics

Table of Contents

Are you excited for Season 12 of PUBG Mobile? Here's everything we know so far.

Release date

The Seasons in PUBG Mobile are usually much shorter than the seasons in the PC version, usually lasting around eight weeks.

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HUNT THEM DOWN - Move around PUBG's expansivemap faster with vehicles!


With Season 11 starting on the 10th January, we can expect to see Season 12 starting on 9 March.

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However, there is still the possibility we see a delay to
the release of the game due to bug fixes or issues with the new version of the

Hopefully, this won’t be the case and we’ll see Season 12 released very shortly!


With the new season, we’ll be getting a new battle pass
which will introduce lots of new content and cosmetics.

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BACK TO BACK - Fight alongside 3 other friends to win the round!


Like most season/battle pass’ there will be a free path and a paid path. You will be able to receive content on both.

However, the paid path will have a lot more cosmetics locked behind its paywall.

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Alongside this, we may see more challenges for people to
completed to unlock new skins and cosmetics.

There will also be crates and other cosmetics players can
unlock through the in-game currency.

There have been some leaks which we are likely to see as
part of the battle pass, these being new crowns and backpacks each with their
own ‘dragon’ theme.

New Cosmetics and Vehicles

Season 12 will hopefully introduce new vehicles for the
players to get their hands on.

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WINNER WINNER - Whether you're a lone wolf or team support, PUBG has a playstyle for you!

Fans have been wanting some faster vehicles to speed up the
play of the game. Will we see this happen in the upcoming season?


We will also be receiving new character models to unlock
with included clothes and voice lines!

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There will be other cosmetics and features added throughout
the season, we will have to wait for the release to find out what these are.

Other Features

A new Tactical map marker will be added to allow teams to
tag objects on the map. This includes vehicles, weapons and crates.

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CHICKEN DINNER - How many wins do you have on PUBG Mobile?


There will also be a new Winter Mode!

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Not only will this add a new winter wonderland, but it will
also add a new game mode!

This will involve fighting through a snowstorm and reaching
campfires and food to stay warm.

Will this twist on the original PUBG formulae keep the game feeling
fresh and fun?