PUBG Mobile: How to win Mad Miramar - Sandstorm, Update 1.18.0, Season 13 & more

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Update 1.18.0 brought Mad Miramar to PUBG Mobile, and 12 May adds a sandstorm to the map as well. The sandstorm will limit travel and visibility, adding all new strategy to the map.

With only 4 days before PUBG Mobile Season 13, let's go over how to get your chicken dinner from Mad Miramar.


Guns to use in Mad Miramar

PUBG Mobile Season 13 guns

TAKE YOUR PICK- There are many guns to choose from to win Mad Miramar

Mad Miramar brought Miramar 2.0, an open desert map with plenty of places to fight long-range battles. But with a sandstorm coming to Miramar 12 May, that is a thing of the past.


To adjust for the sandstorm, which will keep players from moving around and seeing others from afar, we'll have to adjust our weaponry choices accordingly.

That means the best guns in Mad Miramar are the GROZA, M416, DP-28, and the Vector.

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Positioning in Mad Miramar

golden mirado pubg mobile update 1 18 0

STYLE POINTS- Win in style by bringing the golden Mirado along for the ride

Positioning in Mad Miramar is tricky. If you're going for the ultimate victory, that is winning with the golden Mirado in tow, you'll have to risk Hacienda Del Patron.

For normal games, though, players will soon have to adjust their strategy from long-range engagement to shorter range battles and less movement with the coming sandstorm in Miramar 12 May.

That means more controversial strategies like building camping will be among your strongest options to win Mad Miramar.


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