PUBG Mobile Season 11: Enable 60 FPS for HD/HDR graphics on Android devices - Google, Samsung, HTC

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PUBG Season 11 has arrived!

Thankfully, you can easily add extra functionality to existing Android software, thanks to their operating system.


In addition, the brilliant community of developers and models are always willing to add these extra functionalities, so you can run apps allowing apps on unsupported or low hardware devices! 

GFX Tool for PUBG, created by TSOML, allows PUBG Mobile to run thanks to the extra functionality the tool provides.

On many devices. especially the low end, mid-range, or older high-end smartphones, PUBG Mobile is unable to run at extreme (60 FPS).

Usually, any app beyond HD will drastically reduce the FPS - this is likely intentional as the developers would have placed the restriction to avoid devices from overheating and causing too much strain on the CPU/GPU.

How to Enable HD graphics

The good news is, for Android devices, there is a workaround to get a smooth 60 FPS on high graphics for devices that wouldn’t ordinarily support it.

For now, there is no consistent workaround for iOS devices.


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For us to get started, go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and download “GFX Tool for PUBG”, then follow these instructions:

  • Close PUBG Mobile and ensure it is not running in the background
  • Open up GFX Tool for PUBG
  • Select version (preferably choose the Global version)

VERSION SELECT: Go for the Global version (top left)

  • Next, select your mobile resolution (If you are not sure of this, go to and do a search for your phone model)
  • After that, click on the graphics dropdown menu and select HD or HDR
  • Next, select 60FPS from the FPS dropdown menu

Customisation options

These are the most important options to set but we can still go ahead to increase or decrease the graphics settings.

  • Set Anti-aliasing as 2x/4x (You can leave this disabled if you don’t notice any difference to save some performance)
  • Set rendering quality as High
  • Enable shadows for a more realistic look
  • Set texture quality to High
  • Set colour format as 32-bit
  • Set Detail Mode as low for better performance
  • Enable GPU Optimisation
  • In the end, click on accept and then click on Run game
  • Once the game starts, go to settings, you should see extreme Frame Rate available for HD/HDR (extreme Frame Rate represents 60FPS)

LEVEL UP: It's time to choose HDR quality

Many smartphones are not optimised to play this game at 60FPS at high graphics, so you may observe that your device may run very hot or your battery drain is increased.

If the case is extreme, reduce the graphics settings to avoid breaking your device.

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