PUBG Mobile Season 12 Update: Royale Pass, New Weapons, New Locations & more

The next chapter for handheld arrives, and thanks to the Beta, a load of new content is on the way.

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The new season of PUBG Mobile, Season 12, is set to arrive next week.

Expected to land around 4 March, the speculation over new features is going into overdrive.

Already available on Beta, Season 12 update 0.17.0 will bring new skins, clothes and accessories.

We take a look at what’s in store.

Royale Pass Update

Season 12’s Royale Pass will have a “Together We Play” theme royal battle pass along with weapon-skins and outfits.

royale pass 5
IN THE PAST: We’ve come a long way from Season 5’s Battle Pass

The outfit can be yours if you finish with RP level 100.

Death replay

This new feature allows players to replay their death like that in a video mode.

New locations & vehicles

pubg mobile uaz
CLASSIC: The UAZ vehicle will arrive on Erangel this season

The incorporation of the UAZ and Dacia vehicles arrive in the oldest map about – Erangel.

New weapons

The incorporation of the Double Barrel Pump Action Shotgun is on the way.

SMG Uzi will now be equipped with a red-dot or holographic sight, which allows shooting with better accuracy.

Extreme Cold

In this new mode, players will have to fight off and negotiate the cold.

pubg mobile fog
BITTER: We’ve had fog, now the cold will cause havoc on PUBG Mobile

New cold waves will drain the health of the players until they take shelter.


The new update allows players to place eight different types of markers rather than one, enabling them to differentiate between places of interest, enemies and animals.

Source: Gfinity


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