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Roberto Osuna: Extending administrative leave the right move

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It's now been over a month since Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna has been placed on administrative leave in response to the charges of domestic assault brought against the 23-year-old on May 8 and for the fourth time now, MLB has extended Osuna's leave for another week. 

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What's going on

MLB continues to handle this situation well as the investigation continues. Osuna is scheduled to appear in court on June 18, so another extension is inevitable until a verdict is reached. The league has done a fine job handling situations in the past, showing they have zero tolerance and will not stand for any domestic violence by their players. History shows MLB has handed out significant suspensions to players charged with domestic violence, with recent examples being Jose Reyes (51 games), Aroldis Chapman (30 games), Jeurys Familia (15 games), and Steven Wright (15 games). We've seen the NFL take severe disciplinary actions regarding domestic violence and now it appears MLB is following suit to eliminate such violent acts from the game. 

What will likely happen

So how will MLB handle the Roberto Osuna case? Well, so far, the league has done a great job handling the situation. By placing Osuna on the administrative leave list on May 8, it allows the investigation to carry on while keeping Osuna off the field. As stated earlier, Osuna's trial date is scheduled for June 18, and MLB likely will keep Osuna on administrative leave until a verdict is reached. However, even if Osuna is found not guilty, it is almost certain the league will hand him a lengthy suspension. The Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy that MLB negotiated with the Players' Association states that the Commissioner has the power to impose a disciplinary action he sees fit if the case goes to trial or not and regardless of if the player is found guilty. Aroldis Chapman was the first player to be penalized under this policy in 2016, even though no charges were pressed against him.

Final Thoughts

As of right now, Osuna is off the Blue Jays' 25-man roster but is still being paid while on leave. However, this leave will probably not contribute to the suspension he'll serve after a verdict is reached and the suspension would not be paid.

Roberto Osuna was the Blue Jays' most trusted reliever, and they really miss him as the team has gone 7-17 since he was placed on leave. However, despite being the Blue Jays fan I am, I still agree with the decision by MLB to keep Osuna off the field until a verdict is reached, and he's served his impending suspension however many games it is. There is simply no place in baseball or anywhere for domestic violence. MLB has made the all the right moves so far with this situation and I expect them to continue to do so with this case and more in the future.

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