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MLB The Show

06 Jun 2018

RealSport MLB Roundup, S1E2: We're talkin' baseball!

(Photo Credit: Sgt. Anthony Hewitt)

You don't choose your fandom, your fandom chooses you.

Such is the case with baseball. Sure, there are cases of fans who jumped on a bandwagon, that's just a blip on the radar of our national pastime. Everyone remembers their first-ever baseball game from the trip to the stadium to the sound of the organ to the smell of hot dogs, peanut shells, and popcorn salt. Even the taste of tubular bovine entrails slathered in ketchup in mustard stays with you, putting together a poem that Walt Whitman may have written in another lifetime.

Thus, this week for RealSport's MLB podcast, Josh and Alec have taken a bit of a different approach. Rather than talk about the current events in the baseball world, they have opted to discuss just what baseball means to us and how it became a part of our lives!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think, and you'll certainly enjoy this episode, so don't forget to subscribe on SoundCloud!