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New York Mets: Silence at the deadline

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Ah, the trade deadline. An anxious and much anticipated time for everyone in the baseball community. 

A team struggling as much as the Mets are should have gone into the deadline with some kind of plan, but by now we all know how the Mets operate. There was no plan, therefore nothing happened. 

Not only did the Mets not have a plan for the deadline, they don't even have a plan for the (not so distant) future. 

The Mets front office has not yet decided whether or not they plan to contend next year, which made it difficult to make a decision on which players were available and which they needed to keep around. 

Aside from trading closer Jeurys Familia to Oakland, and infielder Asdrubal Cabrera to Philadelphia, the Mets were radio silent, and it seems they will stick with what they have going into the offseason. 

The Mets have been preaching contention since their last postseason appearance in 2016, and the years following have been pathetic. The front office should know by now they cannot contend with what they have so contending or not, something needed to happen at the deadline. 


Who was for sale?

If you ask the Mets, everyone. 

If a team offered the right price, there was no one New York wasn't willing to deal. Even All-Star Jacob deGrom and his flame-throwing teammate, Noah Syndergaard, were on the trade block. 

While there weren't any conversations that gained much momentum, the fact that the front office was taking offers on any of their top players speaks volumes to the direction of 2019 that no one can seem to decide on.

It appeared Zack Wheeler and Devin Mesoraco were both on their way out, but when it came down to it, the Mets claimed any offer put in was not up to par with what they thought their players were worth. 

Who is the GM?

Even if a team wanted to have a conversation with the Mets, who would they call?

Since GM Sandy Alderson essentially stepped down from his position due to medical purposes in June, there really hasn't been one go-to guy inside the front office. Since then, the job has been split between John Ricco, JP Ricciardi, and former GM Omar Minaya, but Ricco has been the face of the three to the press. 


With a wall of confusion separating Flushing from the rest of Major League Baseball, alongside very little clarification, it's no wonder there was really no traction for any player at the deadline. 

It comes down to this- no one knows what the Mets are doing, not even the Mets. It has been a circus all year over in Queens, and talks of contention in 2019 are laughable at this point. Something needed to be done at the deadline, but nothing was. Perhaps the offseason will play out better for the orange and blue, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

What do you think the Mets should have done at the deadline? Let us know in the comments!

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