MLB The Show 23 Franchise mode - Everything you need to know

Franchise Mode is set to return in MLB The Show 23 and once again provides an in-depth team strategy challenge for players.

In Franchise mode, you'll be taking full control of any baseball team you desire and managing it from the bottom all the way to the top.

So, find out everything you need to know about MLB The Show 23 Franchise mode below.

What is Franchise mode?

For those unaware, Franchise mode is the age-old concept that allows gamers to pick a team, manage the roster and take care of the financials while playing all or some of the contests on a schedule of up to 162 games.

Playing through all 162 is a challenge for many, but shortened seasons are usually an easier-to-consume route to go down.

In any case, Franchise mode fans appreciate the ability to play every inning of every game if they desire.

Training is key

Changing up your coaching staff in Franchise Mode can have a major impact on your team's success.

If you're handling this in the offseason a Manage Staff option will show up at the bottom of the screen, but you can also check on your coaches at any time by going to Acquisitions and Coach Contracts.

Once you're viewing the coaches, you'll notice each has specific attributes that signify their strengths or weaknesses and those impact your own team.

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode Guide
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COACH'S BOOST - Your coaches will increase team attributes

Under Manage, you'll also find the Training screen where you can set a training focus for each individual player across your club.

From here, you can decide which areas you want your players to focus on, and look closely to spot the highlighted attributes with green lettering.

This will show you which stats are being influenced by a specific training option, allowing you to continually improve your existing team over time.

Scouting and the Draft

While it is often workable and extremely tempting to build your team primarily through paths like Free Agency or the Trade Block, the value of Scouting can't be overstated.

Scouting is one of the many systems in Franchise mode where the amount it helps you directly correlates to how much time you put into it.

If you're willing to take your full Franchise day by day, you can ensure that every time a player has been fully scouted you can pop back in to assign that scout to someone new.

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode Guide
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BIT BY BIT - You can scout dozens of players throughout the season

All this will eventually culminate when the draft arrives, and having a lot of players clearly scouted gives you plenty of information to make those draft picks.

While not a necessary piece of the puzzle in building your team, many players find significant value by participating in the Rule 5 Draft during December in the offseason.

It may seem like you've done something wrong by having less than a full 40-man roster when the Rule 5 Draft arrives, but it's actually a fantastic way to snag prospects from other teams.

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