MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 17 pack players

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MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 17 pack

It's been a very busy week for MLB The Show 23 developers. The game continues to introduce interesting challenges, card series, and packs. Among the plethora of new content that was announced recently, we had a new Diamond Duos pack.

Diamond Duos is one of the most popular packs in MLB The Show 23. It always delivers incredible cards, with a 99 OVR, and some spectacular attributes. Because of that, these cards are perfect to upgrade your team. They will add more depth to your bullpen, and help you win plenty of games.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the Diamond Duos 17 pack, and the players it brings.

Diamond Duos 17

As mentioned above, the Diamond Duos pack always delivers great players, and this time it was no exception. Diamond Duos 17 brings baseball legend Robin Yount and young talented player Casey Mize. These two players have very distinct stats, but both of them are among the elite in their positions.

So, let's take an in-depth look at both their cards below.

Robin Yount

Yount is one of the best infielders in MLB The Show 23 and is also a great hitter. His field awareness is amazing, just like his arm strength, reactions, and pinpoint accuracy. These attributes allow him to recover the ball quickly, and make it reach the basemen in a fast and accurate way. That's why Yount is one of the best shortstops in the game.

MLB The Show 23 Robin Yount
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Prevent runs and score home runs. What can't Robin Yount do?

When Yount is at the plate, balls are guaranteed to reach the parking lot. Yount has incredible contact against right and left-handed pitchers. His clutch attribute is also impressive, making him a nightmare for every pitcher in Diamond Dynasty.

Casey Mize


While Yount shines as an infielder and hitter, Mize shines at the mound. With his pitches being lightning-fast, hitters have a hard time connecting with the ball. He is a strike-out master, who allows very few hits and runs.

MLB The Show 23 Casey Miza
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Striking out hitters never was this easy.

It's very hard to hit a home run against Mize. Especially because he can pitch at an elite level for hours. Mize also has plenty of pitches at his disposal, which makes him a very unpredictable pitcher. He shines in big moments and his the perfect pitcher for your squad.

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