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Yankees and Brewers each get one Supercharged MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings boost

MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings are always in flux for the Live Series in Diamond Dynasty, and a few big performance have triggered two new Supercharged boosts.

We've got details on the two picks and how long their MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings will be boosted in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings get another temporary boost

MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings don't just see adjustments with each Roster Update, as this year they've introduced the new Supercharged feature.

Introduced for Opening Day, players who deliver spectacular performances in a real-world MLB game can earn a Supercharged boost for their card in Diamond Dynasty.

These boosts are only temporary, with most lasting just 48 hours, but in that interim it can make their card extremely useful as an affordable 90+ rated option.

MLB The Show 22 Supercharged
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SUPERCHARGED: The special green-lightning accentuated boost is not permanent

While the changes were originally introduced as something they'd save for only the most dominant performances, things have gotten more loose as several have hit the threshold to earn Supercharged status.

Two players from the April 26 games did enough to show they deserved to be Supercharged, and now those MLB The Show 22 Player Ratings boosts are active for Willy Adames of the Milwaukee Brewers and Anthony Rizzo of the New York Yankees.

Supercharged performances by Anthony Rizzo and Willy Adames

For the New York Yankees, there was one player that truly delivered to lift them towards a victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

When the two teams clashed on April 26, it was a hard-fought battle that nearly sent both teams into double digits on the scoreboard, and the Yankees leaned on literally half of their 12 RBIs coming from Anthony Rizzo.

The second-year Yankee finished the game with 3 hits, 4 runs, 6 RBIs, 1 walk, and zero strikeouts across four at-bats that helped secure the 12-8 victory for New York.

Meanwhile, Willy Adames managed the same feat with the Milwaukee Brewers to lead them towards their own 12-8 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Adames finished the game with 4 hits and 7 RBIs while the only other Brewers player to snag more than one was Narvaez who scored 2 RBIs.

Their boosts are now active to each Live Series card in Diamond Dynasty, and they're set to expire around 9pm ET on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

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